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Images: Dramatic renovations at Progressive Field in Cleveland

After the Rogers Center in Toronto, it is now the turn of Progressive Field in Cleveland to undergo a rejuvenation treatment.

Indeed, minutes after the Guardians’ final withdrawal of the 2023 season at home, work had immediately begun. And the work is still in progress, resulting in spectacular images.

The work includes, among other things, a redevelopment of the upper levels on both sides of the land.

In addition, the right field stands will become a party zone for groups, while on the left side, the Terrace Club will be expanded, which will take two off-seasons to complete. Above this, there will be an open-plan bar and gathering space.

To get there, workers will have to remove a lot of concrete, a job done by two cranes so large that the stadium’s turf had to be removed.

Guardians fans and visitors will also be able to enjoy the new seats which will be installed on the lower level from the opening match of the 2024 season.

Funding for this major project will be supported by the new lease agreement which has been extended to 2036 with potential options to extend to 2046 by the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, State of Ohio , the Gateway Economic Development Corporation of Greater Cleveland and the Guardians themselves.

The total estimated cost is around $200 million, with $67.5 million coming directly from the Ohio team’s pocket. Guardians are also responsible for providing additional funds to cover cost overruns, if any.

All renovations are expected to be completed by the 2025 season.

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