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Expect Trevor Bauer to be released by Dodgers

Recently, we learned that the Los Angeles Dodgers will have to pay Trevor Bauer nearly $ 22 million in 2023, he who will be back from his suspension.

The club suspected that there was a chance that his suspension would be reduced and it was done. That’s (somewhat) why the club didn’t really spend this winter.

Because Bauer has a character that not everyone likes and because it’s impossible to endorse his actions, it has led to some questions about his future in LA

One of the Dodgers’ options was to pay him to stay home in 2023. The club has no choice but to pay him, but they have a choice whether to play him or not.

Lucky for the Dodgers he didn’t sign a six- or seven-year contract, did he? He has only one year left on his contract, signed after his Cy Young in 2020.

And the rumor going around right now is that the bosses should listen to the dressing room and simply release Bauer over the next few days.

Originally, his suspension was supposed to cause him to miss games until April 2024, but it was recently reduced to see him back now.

Before seeing his suspension reduced, I didn’t think we were going to see him again in MLB. After all, he hasn’t pitched since the summer of 2021 and even though he’s been keeping fit, it’s still a long absence.

But there, if he can come back now, a team could give him a sign. Especially since if he signs in 2023, he will do so at minimum wage since the Dodgers will assume the rest of the agreement.

Will a team dare? Me, if I was in a position to sign him, I wouldn’t… but I’m not an MLB GM.

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