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Former Clayton Kershaw teammate doesn’t see him returning to Los Angeles

California, Texas or Retirement: Just about everyone in the baseball world agrees that if Clayton Kershaw doesn’t retire, he’ll sign with the Dodgers or Rangers.

And since he doesn’t sound like a guy who seems to be leaning towards retirement, there seem to be two options left.

A former teammate of Clayton Kershaw, whose identity has not been disclosed, has given his opinion on the matter. According to him, he will not sign in LA and it will either be the Rangers or retirement.

And since he doesn’t seem to want to withdraw…

No, we know he’s not the most thrilled of men at the idea of ​​signing for a club that had 102 defeats in 2021, but the multiple signings (Marcus Semien and his friend Corey Seager, in particular) will help to reassemble the club.

But don’t take the leap: Texas won’t make the playoffs in 2022, though.

Why the Rangers, then? Because he’s from Arlington and spends his off seasons there. He will return there when he retires.

Additionally, the pitcher’s wife gave birth to the couple’s fourth child recently. Being close to both families is an aspect that should not be neglected either.

The more time passes, the more I have the feeling that his days in LA are numbered. But of course, nothing is final yet.

Remember that both teams are waiting for his decision. If he wants to sign for Arlington or Los Angeles, both clubs are ready and he will be welcomed with open arms.

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