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Dave Dombrowski wants to keep Aaron Nola in Philadelphia for a long time

Like Bryce Harper, JT Realmuto and newcomer Trea Turner, all under long-term contracts with the team, the Philadelphia Phillies will have to retain their ace Aaron Nola under the fold for the next few years.

Nola, 29, has been associated with the Phillies since the start of his career in 2015. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native is 78-62 in eight Major seasons but hasn’t always had the support offensive of his teammates over the starts.

In 2022, Nola finished fourth in the race for the Cy Young Trophy. His fighting spirit and his leadership allowed the Phillies to compete with the Houston Astros for the ultimate title. Unfortunately for him and Rob Thomson’s cast, the Astros had the better of it.

According to Dave Dombrowski, who acts as president of baseball operations for the Phillies, Nola must remain in Philadelphia for a long time.

Dombrowski loves his starting pitcher’s abilities and he says he loves the city, so why not reassure the team’s fans that he won’t be tempted to test the free range in 2024, at the when he is permitted to do so.

The man who has been playing in the Majors for many years admits that it is not easy to negotiate contract extensions, but he says he will make the necessary efforts with regard to Nola.

Last year, the Phillies caused a nice surprise. The last team to qualify for the post-season playoffs, they caught the eye with some inspiring baseball. This season, with the addition of Trea Turner, we must already count them among the teams whose chances of victory have increased drastically.

The Phillies will have a devastating offense.

They will fight hard with the Braves and the Mets for the title in the East of the National. The idea of ​​signing Aaron Nola long-term is definitely the best under the circumstances, as he acts as a catalyst for this formation.

The Phillies leaders did a good job in the offseason. There are now a few important projects left, including that of making their number 27 happy in the long term.

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