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Astros tie American Championship Series

On the sidelines of Game #4 of the American Championship Series, the Texas Rangers received a visit from the Houston Astros.

Up 2-1 in the series, the Rangers looked to push their Texas rivals to the brink. That said, Houston’s offense had other plans.

From the start of the match, Andrew Heaney was mistreated. In the first, the Texas pitcher gave up three runs, which forced Bruce Bochy to throw him out faster than expected.

But in the following rounds, the Rangers came back from that. Two runs were scored in the second and in the next inning, Corey Seager brought everyone back to square one.

From the next half-inning, the Rangers took advantage of the Rangers’ relief to score four points. And there it was, the beginning of the end.

Things were so bad for Rangers that the club was finding new ways to get out. We saw again the inconsistent club from the end of the regular season.

In the seventh and eighth, the Astros added more, just to add fuel to the fire. Three more points were scored.

Result? The Astros made it 10-3 late in the game. It ended like this.

Yordan Alvarez (who else?) and Jose Abreu led the offensive charge for the Astros. Both guys had three RBIs each at the end of the game.

With 11 hits for the winners and eight for the losers, we see that the Rangers’ big problem was the lack of opportunism.

Will it be different tomorrow, in what becomes a 2-of-3?

Note that for game #5, the Astros will send Justin Verlander to the mound. The Rangers will have Jordan Montgomery.

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