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Ghost Runner: The rule is now permanent

In recent years, MLB introduced the ghost runner. For those who don’t know, in the 10th inning, a runner will start the inning at second base.

This rule was introduced during the pandemic. After all, in 2020 it helped to ensure that matches weren’t endless and players could limit their time at the stadium.

And the major league baseball people liked that.

Result? Today, the rule passed unanimously, and now it’s no longer a pandemic rule or a short-term rule: it’s a Major League Baseball rule.

It is important to note that it only applies on the sidelines of the regular season. In the playoffs, we will have to win as before, which is a good thing.

But that’s not all.

It has been announced that changes to the regulation of position players going to the mound have been made.

If the mark is not clearly in favor of one of the two teams, the position players can only throw from the 10th inning.

When a club is leading by 10 runs or more, it may release a position player in the ninth inning. And when a club loses by at least eight points, they can take one out whenever they want.

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Note that a club is allowed only 13 pitchers on its lineup. They are designated in advance and it is clear to everyone.

Note also that Shohei Ohtani is considered a two-way player, so a player who can throw and hit. But in any case, as a starting pitcher, he will not come to throw in relief.

How about changes?

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