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NHL: general managers discussed different regulations at the meeting

MANALAPAN, Fla. — Kent Hughes, Pierre Dorion, Julien BriseBois and all of the NHL’s general managers agree on the very laudable goal of expanding the frameworks for protests and the use of video replays to minimize erroneous decisions made during the match.

But they are not ready to adopt changes that could come into effect as soon as next year.

“We need more time to analyze all the thoughts that we have shared around the table. There are several interesting scenarios, but he anticipates the unfortunate consequences, ”the Tampa Bay Lightning general manager pointed out as he left the meeting room.

The unfortunate consequences of which Julien BriseBois speaks are calculated in minutes.

“We all want the best possible decisions to be made, but we must not allow delays that would delay games too much,” added the Ottawa Senators general manager.

The quality of images and viewing angles they provide are improving, but in the cases of pucks that are sent directly into the crowd, the images viewed are not always clear. We could have to wait a few minutes before having a conclusion in the case of challenges from the coaches,” continued Pierre Dorion.

The controversies associated with penalties awarded after a puck has been sent directly into the crowd are not legion. It is just the opposite in the case of high sticks.

“Referees have imposed around 700 high-sticking penalties since the start of the season. It is therefore unthinkable that the League analyzes them all. I agree with the principle of contesting a penalty in the event that your “coach” considers that his player is not guilty and that the player reached has been attacked by one of his teammates. But a coach will need to be really convinced of his shot before making such a challenge, as he will be left two man shorthanded – a penalty for delaying the game in addition to one for high sticking – if he challenges his move. is rejected,” added Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes.

What to do with fights?

I fully understand that the league and its 32 general managers need more time to fine-tune the expansion of the parameters governing disputes.

They are much better off taking their time and making changes that make sense rather than rushing in and then backtracking.

However, it seems to me that the League could have counted more quickly on the measures to be taken to reduce, and why not eliminate, the fights which break out after legal checks. This is far from being the case within the framework of the adoption of an amendment which could be baptized Jacob Trouba.

“We all agree on the fact that we don’t want to see one of our players end up in the penalty box because he was forced to defend himself because an opponent rushed on him after a legal checking as was the case a few times with Jacob Trouba. But it’s hard to work out how to add penalties,” Kent Hughes explained.

The instigator penalty is already in place. The League and the DGs do not seem convinced of the merits of adding a 10-minute penalty for misconduct to the player who rushes on an opponent to avenge a teammate legally struck a few seconds earlier.

“The effectiveness of mass attacks is up across the NHL this year. She is better than ever. A minor penalty can really hurt your team. Awarding more penalties as an instigator would be a good start,” said “Sens” general manager Pierre Dorion.

Why not add a second minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct on top of the two minutes for instigating a fight?

“That would be another possibility. It is clear that we will have to discuss more between us before arriving at a final proposal,” continued Pierre Dorion, who is delighted with the work done so far at the major annual meeting.

“We may not take concrete action in the meeting that ends tomorrow (Wednesday), but this is my seventh meeting and it is certainly the one in which we have had the most good ideas presented and debated around the table,” concluded Pierre Dorion.

When it comes to player safety, the Ottawa Senators general manager supports the League’s proposal to encourage – and perhaps even force – the wearing of better protective equipment to minimize the risk of a player being injured. seriously injured due to lacerations.

After the adjournment of the meeting on Wednesday, Commissioner Gary Bettman will provide an update on the various aspects discussed since Monday. In addition to repeating – as is his habit – that his League is in better health than ever and that the quality of hockey has never been better, Bettman will perhaps offer more details on the possible implementation of the proposed changes. and analyzed within the last two days.

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