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Tyreek Hill (Dolphins): “We needed this, adversity is a good thing”

The Miami Dolphins were on top after the correction inflicted on the Broncos in Week 4. But things move quickly in the NFL. On Sunday, they were the ones who were dominated by the Bills in the Week 5 clash.

Enough to break the morale of Mike McDaniel’s troops? Not really.

In any case, the watchword was humility at the press conference.

“We still have a young team,” Tyreek Hill said. “Obviously, you never want to lose a game in the NFL, but we kind of needed that. Having adversity early in the season is always a good thing. And we can really learn things from this, and stay mobilized collectively. »

Same story with Tua Tagovailoa.

“It makes you more humble. And for some, it was really necessary,” the quarterback admitted to the Palm Beach Post.

The Miami Dolphins stay the course

With three victories and only one defeat, there is no fire on the Atlantic coast of Miami. That’s what coach Mike McDaniel reminded his players.

“I would say Mike’s message was don’t give up,” Tagovailoa said. “There are a lot of matches left. You’ve got to keep helping the guys around you, keep trusting them, keep playing and remember what you’re playing for. It’s hard to lose, and to lose like that, but we’re not going to give up. We’re going to continue to do what we know how to do and come back. We will continue to work on what needs to be fixed. I can promise you one thing: we will definitely be better because of what happened today. »

The Dolphins’ next opponents, the Giants, have been warned.

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