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Tua Tagovailoa: the investigation gives birth to very lukewarm conclusions

Tua Tagovailoa remained in play after a big shock and collapsing to the ground while getting up. He played four days later and suffered a concussion. Outrage. Hell. Investigation.

Results ? A lengthy joint statement from the NFL and the Players Union (NFLPA) that uses a lot to say very little.

The essential ? Post-concussion protocol has been changed starting with Week 5 Sunday matches. Now when a player shows signs of instability, coordination issues or inconsistent speech, they will no longer be allowed to return field. The diagnosis may be made by a club doctor or the independent neurologist present on the day of the match.

And Tagovailoa? Everyone followed the protocols well, I promise.

The inquest found Tagovailoa passed concussion testing without showing symptoms in the first clash, Sept. 25 against the Bills. And as he assured the doctors that he had fallen because of his sore back, he was allowed to return to the pitch. We learn all the same that the back in question was not examined at that time.

All this history will therefore have made it possible to change the rules.

But the Dolphins are doing just fine.

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