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Lessons from Week 2: Cincinnati is lost

Things are not going well in Cincinnati

Winner of the AFC North for the last two years, Cincinnati could not have had a worse start to the season. Two games, two losses, each time against a divisional opponent.

More than the result as such, it is the manner and the method that worries you. Obviously we turn our gaze towards Joe Burrow (304 yards thrown, 55.5% of passes completed, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception) who seems physically borrowed and sometimes disillusioned on the field. Overall, the attack does not find the “explosive” plays that made it successful. A statistic illustrates this: Ja’Marr Chase already has 2 games with less than 40 receiving yards compared to only 1 last year…

The defense is not to be outdone, with performances not at the level of the last two seasons and also a difficulty in adapting during the match. Yet one of the great qualities of the team.

The Bengals are not on fire yet, but they will have to wake up quickly.

Bijan Robinson superstar

For the first time since 2017, Atlanta starts a season with 2 victories. And one (the?) of the reasons for this good record is undoubtedly the first year runner: Bijan Robinson. The player put out another big performance this Sunday against the Packers: 19 races, 124 yards, 4 receptions and 48 yards.

Robinson is already at 180 yards rushing (6 yards average per carry) and 10 receptions for 75 yards and 1 TD in two weeks. The player thus proves his “multi-dimensional” side which made the Falcons crack.

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With a player of this caliber, fans and the franchise can expect great things.

Micah Parsons favorite for defender of the year?

He was expected and for the moment he is responding perfectly. Micah Parsons once again showed off his talent this weekend. He finished the game with 2 sacks, 9 pressures, 3 tackles for loss and 1 forced fumble. We could even add an interception thrown by Zach Wilson thanks to pressure from Parsons.

But the statistics sheet is not enough to pay “tribute” to the work of the defender who was everywhere on the field and tormented the opposing attack in every direction. Even more impressive, its speed of execution allows it to reach the heart of the pocket with disconcerting ease. At this rate, the Cowboys player really won’t be far from the title this year and should continue to support an excellent Dallas defense.

Pete Carroll can get angry too

We all know the smiling, joking Pete Carroll, etc. But know that there is also a “dark” Pete Carroll:

Justin Fields (and the Bears) are not progressing

New match and new mixed performance for the young Bears quarterback. Capable of some lightning passes (for DJ Moore), Fields also multiplied the inaccuracies and errors of judgment. We are thinking in particular of a tendency to keep the ball in the pocket for too long…

Of course his offensive line doesn’t give him much room to maneuver but Fields doesn’t really seem to be progressing with the same qualities and faults since entering the league. An observation of non-progress that can also be applied to the team as a whole and more particularly the defense. Watch out Matt…

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Puka Nacua surprise of the year?

After an incredible first game with 10 receptions for 119 yards, we thought the young Rams receiver was going to fall into line. Receivers who shine in a game, the NFL has seen it again and again. Except that the 5th round player impressed again this weekend.

Facing a defense against which it is not easy to shine, the first year player again multiplied his receptions: 15 receptions for 147 yards this time. Nacua therefore confirms and manages to “copy” the use made of Kupp in a stunning manner.

We hope this will last

Chris Jones is back

Good against the Lions but with a fault to provoke the big action at the appropriate time, the Chiefs defense was able to find its key element this Sunday. Indeed, Chris Jones made his return following the agreement he reached with the Chiefs for this season.

The return of the defender was directly felt. With a sack on a 4&12, a sack on a 4&5 and enormous pressure on a 3&14, Jones particularly shone with his ability to create the decisive action at the right time.

In a defense that has made a good impression since the start of the season, the return of such a player gives fans even more hope.

The Bieniemy effect?

In 2022, the Commanders had only reached the +30 points mark once. We then had to wait until week 10 and a match against the Eagles. This season, Washington fans will only have to wait until Week 2 to see their offense pass this symbolic mark.

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With 35 points scored against the Broncos, the Commanders made a good impression in the way: 10 players with receptions, 5.3 yards average per carry or even a completely clean Sam Howell.

Is this already the Bieniemy paw? The offensive coordinator arrived this season in Washington to take this attack to the next level. And that might just be the case.

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