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The NFL point of June 23: Dalvin Cook in contact with the Dolphins

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– Saquon Barkley and the Giants talk about a contract extension again

– The Lions will have a new alternative helmet in 2023

– Jets: Chuck Clark forfeited for the 2023 season


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Tyreek Hill finally sued

Last weekend Tyreek Hill found himself embroiled in a Miami Beach-style assault case. According to WPLG-TV, the receiver allegedly slapped a marina employee on the back of the head. At first, the latter would not have wanted to file a complaint.

This Thursday, Miami-Dade police told NBC 6 South Florida that the alleged victim finally decided to press charges against the Dolphins player.

While the police seemed at first to be heading for a closure of the file in the absence of a complaint from the employee, the filing of a complaint will allow the investigation to continue and determine Hill’s involvement.

Deion Sanders to undergo groin surgery

The former NFL star and current coach at the University of Colorado Boulder will undergo groin surgery due to a blood clot. During his appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, former cornerback Adam Pacman Jones clarified that the operation is scheduled for this Friday.

Sanders has already lost two toes due to blood clots. Last week, on his Instagram account, he revealed that due to abnormally low blood circulation he had lost some feeling in his left foot.

Will Anderson Jr. knighted by JJ Watt

Freshly drafted by the Texans with their third choice, Will Anderson Jr. (DE) already has strong support even before the start of the NFL season.

Three-time Defensive Player of the Year and former Texas franchise player JJ Watt was full of praise for the rookie.

“I think Will Anderson is phenomenal. I’m excited to see what [Matt] Burke and DeMeco [Ryans] are going to do with him. He already knows how you attack the quarterback,” he told the Roll Tide Wire.

TJ Watt fears no one

Considered one of the best defenders of his generation, TJ Watt (Edge, Steelers) does not seem to fear anyone in the league. It doesn’t matter the size or the speed of the players he faces.

Passing through the podcast of his former teammate Ben Roethlisberger, the latter asked him if he preferred to face a rather strong offensive tackle face-to-face or a rather fast one.

“It doesn’t matter,” Watt replied without hesitation.

Dalvin Cook confirms contact with Dolphins

Since being released by the Vikings, rumors have swirled about Dalvin Cook’s future team (RB). The runner has confirmed talks with the Dolphins, a franchise that matches his expectations.

“As a runner, you look for a certain pattern of play and I know which one I’m strong in, and that’s the one set up by the Dolphins. So, it’s like it was the perfect fit. And the squad, speaks for itself,” Cooks told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

Tua Tagovailoa called on a jiu-jitsu trainer

Victim of several concussions last season, the Dolphins quarterback has decided to do everything to preserve his physical health and continue his career in the NFL. Questioned by ESPN this week, he provided details on his way of viewing the videos of his tackles. With a jiu-jitsu teacher.

“It wasn’t hard to watch. I want to improve all the things I can to help my team win games, and I know the main thing is my health, staying up on the pitch. And so by watching the film, I was able to work on that with my jiu-jitsu coach, and we were able to relive the scenario that led to my tackle, how I fell. And it wasn’t just one game in particular. It was several situations where I was taken down and how I could prevent that. »


The main cuts of the day: Sam James (WR, Rams)

In short

– The NFL and the NFLPA (the association of NFL players) continue their efforts in medical research on the use of CBD to calm pain. They have just awarded a little over half a million dollars in grants to teams of researchers. (Pro Football Talk)

– Former linebacker Bill Romanowski and his wife are being sued by the US Department of Justice. They are accused of having used money from a company specializing in nutrition to pay for their own personal expenses. The American government claims more than 15 million dollars of unpaid taxes from them. (USAToday)

– Brison Manor, former Broncos defensive end, died on Tuesday at the age of 70. (NBC Sports)

Travis Kelce puts on his coaching suit

The offseason is an opportunity for many players to participate in training camps outside the NFL. Thus, Travis Kelce (TE, Chiefs) participated this week in the tight ends summer school organized by the faculty of Vanderbilt in Nashville, Texas.

The opportunity to share his science of layouts which made him the best player in his position in the league.

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