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The NFL point of July 21: after the sale, the fine for Dan Snyder

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Commanders: Dan Snyder sells the franchise to Josh Harris for 6 billion dollars

[Free Agency] Top 5 players still available in defense

[Free Agency] Top 5 players still available in attack

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AFC South
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AFC East
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AFC West – Friday, July 21

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After the sale, the fine for Dan Synder

After selling the Commanders, Dan Snyder then saw a report released by the NFL that ordered him to pay him $60 million. This is linked to an investigation, bringing together several cases, including one for sexual harassment, and one for misinformation on the club’s income to the NFL.

This investigation lasted 17 months with several testimonies and more than 10,000 documents written.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell praised the work of Mary Jo White, who was in charge of this case. He also advocated for NFL team work environments to remain safe, respectful and professional.

It’s official for Denzel Mims in Detroit

Announced on Wednesday, it was made official on Thursday. Receiver Denzel Mims is a Lions player. In addition to the player, the Lions also receive a 7th round of the 2025 Draft. The Jets receive a 6th round of the 2025 Draft, provided Mims makes the final roster after training camps.

Justin Fields: “I’m aiming for 4000 yards”

Appeared on the All Things Covered podcast, Justin Fields (QB, Bears) was asked about the goal of reaching 4,000 yards over an entire regular season: what no Bears quarterback has been able to do. In any case, he does not lack ambition.

” I will do it. I plan to do it this year. »

Only Erik Kramer in 1995 managed to get closer to 4000 yards with 3838 yards. Before reaching 4,000 yards, Justin Fields would have to exceed 3,000 yards: which he has never done before, since he has only thrown for 2,242 passing yards in 2022. Other than Erik Kramer, his predecessors Jay Cutler and Mitchell Trubisky managed to pass this milestone with the pass.

Josh Jacobs and the Raiders were far from a deal

Representatives of Josh Jacobs (RB, Raiders) and the Raiders therefore failed to agree on a long-term contract. According The Athleticthe negotiations between the 2 parties had been at a standstill for a very long time, and only resumed last weekend to try to find an agreement.

During these discussions, the two parties were far from reaching an agreement. Jacobs wanted a guaranteed amount close to the contract signed by Evan Engram (24 million guaranteed). Which would have meant that he would have had the amount of his tag deductible per year over 2 years.

The double Pro Bowler therefore has the choice to sign his franchise tag, or not. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see him from the 2023 season. Which would be a shame for the Raiders, losing their best runner last year, and even the NFL. (1,653 yards, 12 touchdowns)

Speeding for Jordan Addison

Drafted in the 1st round by the Vikings, receiver Jordan Addison does not stand out in the best possible way before the start of training camps which begins this Sunday for Minnesota.

He would have been checked for speeding at the wheel of his Lamborghini at 220 km / h on a road limited to 90 km / h. So far, he has not been arrested, but an investigation is underway.

For their part, the club is aware of this investigation, and is awaiting further information before deciding on its case.


– Drafted in the 3rd round by the Lions this year, quarterback Hendon Hooker has been placed on the non-football injured list (NFI Injury) before the start of training camps. He injured his knee last season in the last game at his former university, Tennessee.

– If Andy Reid was not sure to see him ready for the start of the training caps, Isaiah Pacheco (RB, Chiefs) assured in a press conference that he will be 100% dressed for week 1. Pacheco is recovering from a labrum and hand injury. (ESPN)


– The Bears are reportedly interested in former Steelers cornerback Arthur Maulet. (ESPN)

The main signatures of the day:

The main cuts of the day: Michael Badgley (K, Lions), Chuck McClelland (RB, Titans), Billy Price (OL, Saints)

In short

– The Colts unveiled their alternate jersey called ‘Indiana Nights’, an all-blue jersey. All accompanied by a black helmet and the secondary logo.

– The Falcons will wear their red alternative helmet during the 2023 season. This will be during games against the Packers (week 2), the Commanders (week 6) and the Saints (week 12).

– The ‘Pat Patriot’ outfit is back for the Patriots for the 2023 season. They will wear it in 2 games: against the Dolphins on September 17 and against the Chargers on December 3.

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