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Official: modified overtime rules in the playoffs

From next season, each of the two teams will have their chance in the event of an extension in the playoffs.

The Bills’ misadventure eventually convinced the owners to change the overtime rules. In the playoffs, Buffalo lost the overtime toss, allowing the Chiefs to start with the ball. In accordance with the rules in force, the touchdown then scored by Kansas City had ended the match, without allowing Josh Allen to defend his chances.

This kind of scenario will never happen again. The NFL announced on Tuesday that both teams will now have one possession each on offense, following a decision by franchise owners. In the event of a tie after these two possessions, there will be a return to the old rule and the first points scored will be decisive.

This rule change will only be effective in the playoffs for the moment.

The only case where a quarterback would not have a chance will now be that of a safety scored by the defending team during the first opposing possession, in which case the points scored will directly decide the fate of the match.

Finally, the fate of the most important matches of the year will no longer be a toss-up.

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