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Football News

The Colts cut Shaquille Leonard!

Formerly Darius Leonard, the “Maniac” leaves Indiana.

This is a shock for Colts fans! To everyone’s surprise, the Indianapolis Colts have decided to cut their star linebacker Shaquille Leonard, according to Ian Rapoport for NFL Network.

The player had posted a farewell message to Indy fans on his social networks a few minutes earlier.

“Indy, thank you for welcoming me and my family with open arms. These six years have been magical! »

Revelation in 2018, he was voted defensive rookie of the year before being selected three times for the team of the season (2018, 2020, 2021). Since then, he has been dealing with more and more injuries. This year, his playing time had decreased which caused his dissatisfaction.

The player is heading to the waivers list which means that other teams will be able to claim him in turn, starting with the Panthers. If no one asks for it, he will be free to sign wherever he wants.

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