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Steelers – Cardinals (10-24): James Conner rolls on Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5) – Arizona Cardinals (3-10): 10-24

Bad evening for Pittsburgh. In an interminable match (two pauses due to bad weather), the Steelers sank at home against the Cardinals.

Kenny Pickett went out with an injury, the offense was once again dismal (even with Pickett on the field) and the defense couldn't make a difference this time. A defeat which is difficult for Mike Tomlin and which reminds us that it takes more than one match to become a good attack.

The Cardinals surprise

In pouring rain, the Cardinals take their evening hosts by surprise. Indeed, Arizona returns to the locker room leading 10 to 3!

The only touchdown in this first half was the work of tight end Trey McBride (8 recs, 89 yards, 1TD), who is increasingly establishing himself as one of the players to watch in this position.
McBride is found in the endzone (10-3) 15 seconds before halftime and after a big offensive series from the team. Kyler Murray (13/23, 145 yards, 1TD) brings his team 95 yards, including 2 key passes on 3rd attempt.

Before that, there is little to eat for attacks. If both teams score a field goal, they also kick three punts each.
Pittsburgh therefore cannot confirm its offensive face from last week. The problems in the opposing 20 yards persist. The illustration is this series of 8 minutes in the second quarter where Pittsburgh breaks its teeth several times 1 yard from the opposing end zone. A series which is turning into a mess with the exit due to injury of Kenny Pickett.

Arizona confirms

The second half confirms what was seen in the first. The Steelers' offense remained ineffective and only scored a touchdown at the end of the game by Diontae Johnson. The Steelers were then down 24 to 3…

The visitors took off in particular thanks to their running game. James Conner (25 races, 195 yards, 2TD), author of a solid game, moves the chains and scores two touchdowns on the ground. With these touchdowns, the Cardinals went from 17 to 3 then from 24 to 3.

A gap of 21 points too complicated to overcome for an attack like that of the Steelers.

Arizona won a logical victory as the men of the desert dominated on both sides of the ball.

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