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The 12 lessons of Week 1: Saquon Barkley back, the Cowboys condemned, and above all long live the kickers!

The Bills will be really hard to get

As one of the big favorites of the AFC, the Bills of Josh Allen wasted no time in validating their status. On the Rams field Thursday, Buffalo outclassed the defending champion despite four turnovers including three in the first half. The defense made Matthew Stafford miserable, Von Miller remembered his former team, Josh Allen did Josh Allen, and Stefon Diggs was able to room Jalen Ramsey.

The Bills, who have a very busy schedule over the next few weeks, can move forward with confidence. As for Sean McVay’s men, we will have to tell them that the season has started.

Bengals: new offensive line, same problems

Struggling last season to protect Joe Burrow, the Bengals’ offensive line has changed for this season, including the arrival of players like Alex Cappa, La’el Collins and Ted Karras. But the problems are still there.

During the overtime loss to the Steelers on Sunday, Joe Burrow was sacked seven times. We therefore start on the same bases as last year, with the difference that Burrow this time failed to make his magic speak (5 turnovers in all, including 4 interceptions).

Tyreek Hill already like a dolphin in the water in Miami

The Dolphins’ star rookie this offseason, Tyreek Hill gave a very exciting first glimpse of things to come. 8 total receptions for 94 yards in the Miami victory, we call that a successful entry.

“This guy is a cheat code. It is very difficult to cover”.

Tua Tagovailoa can be smiling, he should have fewer interceptions this year.

Saquon Barkley is back!

Number 2 in the 2018 Draft and author of a very big NFL debut, Saquon Barkley remains on three very complicated seasons at the Giants, the fault in particular of injuries. So this year, the New York running back wants to prove that it shouldn’t be buried too quickly. And the Titans were his first victim yesterday.

18 carries, 164 yards (including a 68 run), 1 touchdown, and the two-point conversion to give the Giants the lead in the final minute of the game. Yes, Saquon Barkley is back!

AJ Brown is the best rookie of the offseason

The Eagles have invested heavily to acquire the services of AJ Brown and thus offer a receiver caliber Pro Bowl to their young quarterback Jalen Hurts. Given the performance of the former Titans player in the first week, we can say that the bet is already a winner.

10 receptions, 155 yards for AJ Brown during his debut in the new jersey of Philadelphia, it was necessary to beat Detroit 38-35. The Eagles’ new No. 1 receiver is going to bring a new dimension to their offense, which is exactly what Hurts needed.

The Cowboys season is already over

Alright, maybe we’re going a bit too fast, but the season could hardly have started worse for Dallas. A 19-3 loss to Tom Brady’s Buccaneers at home, a stalled attack, and Dak Prescott getting injured.

With receiver Amari Cooper gone and offensive tackle Tyron Smith in the infirmary, the Cowboys will now have to make do with quarterback Cooper Rush for several weeks. As we say in the jargon, it doesn’t smell good.

Aaron Rodgers is an average quarterback without Davante Adams

We’re in a teasing mood on this first Monday of the season, but the pole set by Aaron Rodgers’ Packers after another ignition delay is too good not to be seized.

The reigning two-time MVP was probably imagining another scenario for his opener with the Vikings, but he and the rest of the Packers offense had a very complicated afternoon: only 7 points scored, less than 200 yards passing for Rodgers, zero touchdown for an interception. Somewhere, Davante Adams (10 receptions, 141 yards, 1 TD in his first game with the Raiders) is fed up.

To Rodgers’ defense, he played behind an offensive line not yet complete and without receiver Allen Lazard. And hey, he wasn’t helped by his teammates either…

Pat Mahomes is a freak even without Tyreek Hill

Meanwhile, Pat Mahomes against the Cardinals: 30/39 passing, 360 yards, 5 touchdowns.

Tua may need Tyreek Hill, but Mahomes doesn’t.

Jets/Jaguars/Falcons are still Jets/Jaguars/Falcons

In the NFL, things can sometimes change drastically from season to season. But fortunately they remain sure values. The Jets who struggle offensively and lose their opener, the Jaguars who shoot themselves in the foot to bow in the rules of the art, and the Falcons who let slip a 16-point advantage in the last quarter to lose in the final seconds. What a classic.

Derek Carr and the Raiders not in focus

Now coached by Josh McDaniels, the Raiders have just realized the job they have ahead of them if they really want to be competitive this year in the AFC West. As a symbol, Derek Carr had a very difficult day against the Chargers, sending three interceptions and victim of five sacks, including three from former Raider Khalil Mack.

Opposite, Justin Herbert was almost flawless (26/34, 279 yards, 3 TD, 0 turnover).

The Browns did well to stop the Baker Mayfield experiment

It was one of the most anticipated posters of this first week. The new Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield against his former team in Cleveland, who had transferred him after acquiring the services of Deshaun Watson during the offseason. But in his “Revenge Game”, Mayfield did not make the Browns regret much. Certainly he almost validated a very big comeback in the fourth quarter, but his overall performance (16/27, 235 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 TD in the race) will clearly not be remembered.

The last word was for Cleveland.

Long live the kickers!

Bonus: Le’Veon Bell is a better boxer than Adrian Peterson

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