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Ravens: Rashod Bateman out for the rest of the season

Bad news for Baltimore and Lamar Jackson.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh has announced that his receiver will undergo foot surgery after being injured against the Buccaneers last Thursday. The second-year receiver will not play again for the season. According to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, Bateman will be placed on the injured reserve in the coming days.

First round of the 2021 draft, Rashod Bateman had already been hampered by injuries last year, before the start of the regular season. In 2022 and six games, the receiver was targeted 28 times for 15 receptions, 285 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Lamar Jackson loses a prime target and will have to rely on a trio of receivers made up of Devin Duvernay, Demarcus Robinson and James Proche II. Hoping that Mark Andrews (TE), absent from training since his injury in the same match, can return this week.

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