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Match day: Deebo Samuel injured in the shoulder, Gabriel Davis withdrawn

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– 49ers – Packers (24-21): The San Francisco heist

– Ravens – Texans (34-10): CJ Stroud asphyxiated

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Deebo Samuel doubtful for NFC final

Deebo Samuel (WR, 49ers) did not finish the San Francisco game on Saturday due to a shoulder injury. At this time, the franchise is unsure how long he will be gone. The hope is that he does not suffer a fracture again, as in Week 6. He then missed two games, both lost by San Francisco.

For the moment, the suspense is complete on his participation in the NFC conference final. (ESPN)

Cowboys: Mike McCarthy double or quits

Mike McCarthy (Cowboys) will not be fired. But he has no assurance about his future either. According to ESPN, the Dallas coach's contract ends at the end of next season, and he will not have a contract extension until then.

Jerry Jones would be convinced that the pressure linked to this end of contract would be an opportunity to get the best out of his coach.

The Raiders are cleaning up on offense

While Antonio Pierce has been confirmed as head coach of the Raiders, that doesn't mean things will stay completely intact in Las Vegas. According to NFL Media, interim offensive coordinator Bo Hardegree and most of the offensive staff will be let go.


– Gabriel Davis (WR, Bills, knee) is officially out for this Sunday’s game. Just like Christian Benford (CB, knee), Baylon Spector (LB, back) and Taylor Rapp (S, calf).

– Ar'Darius Washington (CB) and Devin Duvernay (WR) were activated by Baltimore. Mark Andrews (TE), on the other hand, did not play this weekend against the Texans. Coming off the injured list earlier in the week, the tight end is still too short. He could nevertheless play next week if Baltimore qualifies for the conference final.

The job market

– The Atlanta Falcons requested permission to interview Joe Brady (Offensive Coordinator, Bills). Above all, Atlanta has scheduled a second interview with Jim Harbaugh (Michigan) and Bill Belichick has already had a second interview. Obviously attracted by the hot names, the Falcons have also planned a meeting with Mike Vrabel, according to CBS.

– The New England Patriots plan to interview DeMarcus Covington (defensive line coach, Patriots) for a promotion to defensive coordinator.

They came off the injured list: George Odum (S, 49ers)

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