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Ravens: John Harbaugh extended for three seasons

The story between John Harbaugh and his team continues to go down in time.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti announced on Tuesday that the Ravens have extended coach John Harbaugh. The franchise confirmed the thing on social networks, stating that the coach has extended his lease for three seasons.

At the head of the Baltimore franchise since 2008, Harbaugh is therefore linked to it until the end of the 2025 season.

Since his arrival, he has posted a record of 148 wins and 96 losses in the regular season. His team also won a title in 2012-13. Bill Belichick and Mike Tomlin are the only two coaches who have been on their team longer than Harbaugh.

In 14 seasons with Harbaugh, Baltimore only missed the playoffs five times. The record has been less than 50% wins in a season only twice. Such was the case in 2021, when the team was decimated by injuries, before finishing with 8 wins for 9 losses.

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