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Bills – Jets (20-12): Buffalo well helped by its defense

Buffalo Bills (10-3) – New York Jets (7-6): 20-12

Getting closer to the playoffs while taking their revenge after the loss in the first meeting between the two teams, that was the goal of the Bills against the Jets. A mission accomplished, once again in pain. If Josh Allen (16/27, 147 yards, 1 TD, 47 yards and 1 TD on the run) was not the most brilliant, he and his teammates won, thanks in particular to an iron defense.

Well led by a Matt Milano in the oven and the mill, Buffalo’s defense undermined the New York attack. Ask Mike White, whose ribs will likely hurt for days after a huge tackle from the Bills linebacker. The Jets quarterback, however, made a more than honorable game (27/44, 268 yards), completing difficult passes in important moments. Unfortunately for him and his team, however, the step was too high against a defense of this caliber.

Slow first half

Latecomers can be reassured, there was nothing to miss at the start of the match. Worse still, boredom set in, which is unusual this season in games for either team. Lovers of special teams, if they exist, have had a blast with them, with a veritable festival of punts at the start of the match. 10 in total on the first 10 drives of the match. It took until the last drive of the first half to see points in this match, thanks to a pass from Josh Allen for his tight end Dawson Knox.

The second half, on the other hand, got off to a flying start. The Jets equalize immediately, through their rookie runner, Zonovan Knight (71 yards, 1 TD), who perfectly took over from the injured, Breece Hall and James Robinson. The Bills respond to them without delay, from the next drive, thanks to a run from Josh Allen. While the match finally seems to have started, Mike White is hit in the rules of the art by a Matt Milano launched like a cannonball. Injury of the titular quarterback, entry of his replacement. Zach Wilson back? No, the second choice of the 2021 draft is not in uniform, it is Joe Flacco who takes control. On his first action, he gets tackled by Gregory Rousseau, loses the ball, which is covered by the Bills defense.

A victory without shining, a defeat without blushing

Buffalo will then register two field goals to increase its lead to 13 points, so much so that they will think they have won the match. It was without counting on a valiant Jets team which, even in difficulty, does not let go. On a Bills punt, rookie Jermaine Johnson pierces the line and against the ball, which goes out of bounds behind the end zone: safety and Jets ball. The opportunity for New York to get back into the game. An opportunity unfortunately for them wasted by a new fumble, this time by runner Michael Carter. Despite a field goal, the Jets will not return and lose 8 small points.

If the result is not what the Jets could hope for, they have nothing to be ashamed of their performance. The attack, of course, was not brilliant, but the defense once again showed an attractive face, faced with an attack from Buffalo which made many opponents miserable. The playoff race continues for New York, and a potential qualification will depend on defensive performances like this.

The Bills, themselves, were not as flamboyant as usual, but the essential is preserved: victory. Qualification for the playoffs is getting closer for Sean McDermott’s men.

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