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Rams – Falcons (31-27): Los Angeles narrowly escapes an incredible comeback from Atlanta

Los Angeles Rams (1-1) – Atlanta Falcons (0-2): 31-27

While this time it was they who were down 28-3, the Falcons almost evacuated their old demons by performing a crazy back against the defending champions. After stealing the leather from the hands of Cooper Kupp, Atlanta put themselves in position to take the lead with less than two minutes remaining. But Marcus Mariota rushed under the pressure and found Jalen Ramsey’s hands.

The defending champions had however started perfectly but believed too early that they would not have to force their talent to clinch an easy victory. Quickly detached, the Rams played to be (very) scared in the last quarter.

Almost Perfect Stafford

Abused at the start of the season against the Bills, Matthew Stafford (27/36, 276 yards, 3 touchdowns, 2 interceptions) had to rectify the situation. Perfect start for the quarterback. Two possessions perfectly unfolded, and two touchdowns in the key. Allen Robinson scored his first touchdown in his new colors by catching a lobbed pass deep in the end zone. Darrell Henderson makes a first break by piercing the defensive line. 14-0

Stafford rolls out. 12 completions on his first 12 attempts, career high. But on the 13th, Casey Hayward intercepts it in the in-goal. Very temporary stoppage for LA It only takes 26 seconds for the Rams defense to regain control of the leather. Rookie cornerback Cobie Durant takes advantage of a reception muddled by Patterson. Stafford then finds the inevitable Cooper Kupp (11 receptions, 108 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 fumble lost) for his first touchdown of the evening.

Invisible during the first two series, the 2021 offensive player is unplayable when he gets into action. Three more receptions and one touchdown after returning from the locker room. The receiver is a permanent poison ball in hand.

Atlanta sluggish then euphoric

The least we can say is that Marcus Mariota (17/26, 196 yards, 2 TD, 2 Int) does not have the same efficiency. 8/15 in the first half, 2 very long possessions from which the team only left with 3 points. A 4th failed attempt. The attack is slipping. We have to wait for a new turnover on a very questionable throw from Stafford to put the team in a good position. Mariota connects with Drake London scoring his first pro touchdown.

This awakening of Arthur Smith’s men is confirmed on the next possession. Mariota runs up the field, finds his targets and sends Zaccheus to the touchdown. (31-17). But defensively it’s also better. After limiting the opponent to a field goal, the Falcons push the locals to their first punt of the match. Ball blocked, Lorenzo Carter returns for touchdown. London then picks up the 2-point conversion. The match is restarted, and the momentum has completely changed.

The Rams are trying to rely on the fundamentals to control a game that now seems like it can get away from them. Stafford finds Kupp for the 11th time of the night, but this time the catcher loses control on the puff and returns possession to a euphoric Falcons. Victory is in Mariota’s hands. But under pressure, the quarterback tries a long risky pass. Jalen Ramsey did not ask for time to shine and seal the victory of his people.

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