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Pro Bowl Games: the AFC crushes the NFC in the workshops

Passing accuracy. Receptions. Obstacle course. Longest drive… in golf. The events were diverse Thursday night in Las Vegas, but they all had the common point of being won by the AFC conference (or rather the replacements, replacements of the AFC Pro Bowlers).

The only competition won by the NFC was Dodgeball.

Derek Carr was the accuracy king with 31 points. Saquon Barkley saved the NFC during Dodgeball.

There were water bombs, caught balloons and therefore, golf. Each test was worth 3 points (because why not). The AFC leads 9 to 3 after this first evening. First, because the party is not over.

Four other competitions are scheduled for Sunday, alongside the All-Stars Flag Football game. Moreover, there will not be one but three Flag matches. The first two will be worth 6 points. The points will then be combined with those of the workshops to form the starting score of the third match of Flag, which will determine the final winner.

Thursday, there was no audience. Because globally, nobody cares. Sunday, there will be public.

I know it’s a bit disjointed but I’ll transcribe it for you too.

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