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Power Ranking S4: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers propelled into the Top 10

Forgotten by the prognosticators almost in the second following the announcement of Tom Brady’s retirement, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ultimately not that sunken. With a convincing success against the Saints, Baker Mayfield and the veterans of the Florida team showed that they will have to be counted on in the race for the NFC South title.

Enough to also offer them great progression in the Power Ranking!

As a reminder, this hierarchy is not only based on the number of successes, but also on current form. If two teams are close and haven’t played each other recently, one wonders which one would win if the match were played today. Beating the strongest is not going to propel you to the top in the blink of an eye. Losing to one of the dunces won’t plunge you into the abyss either. One can win and tumble, bow and climb. This is the merciless law of Power Ranking…

1. San Francisco 49ers (4-0)

With San Francisco we review the alphabet: in our TV, CMC did everything from A to Z. He knocked out the opponent and is aiming for the MVP. In short, RAS for SF.

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Week 5: reception of the Cowboys.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (4-0) +1

Since AJ Brown complained, he has been in much greater demand, to the delight of this attack.

Week 5: trip to the Rams.

3. Buffalo Bills (3-1) +2

We’re going to have to be solid this season to knock off these Bills in the AFC East.

Week 5: reception of the Jaguars (in London).

4. Kansas City Chiefs (3-1)

Andy Reid is the 5th coach in history to reach 250 successes. Legendary.

Week 5: trip to the Vikings.

5. Dallas Cowboys (3-1) +1

Dan Quinn’s defense is back.

Week 5: trip to the 49ers.

6. Miami Dolphins (3-1) -4

Return to earth for the dolphins.

Week 5: reception of the Giants.

7. Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

When Lamar Jackson plays like that, the Ravens are very hard to contain.

Week 5: trip to the Steelers.

8. Seattle Seahawks (3-1)

The defense is improving every week and Seattle is becoming a complete team week after week.

Week 5: rest.

9. Detroit Lions (3-1)

The Lions are clearly the kings of the North now.

Week 5: reception of the Panthers.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1) +8

Baker Mayfield is finding his feet in Florida and his team continues to move forward. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost Tom Brady, but they’re not that lost.

Week 5: rest.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) +1

In London, Jacksonville feels like home.

Week 5: trip to the Bills (in London)

12. Los Angeles Chargers (2-2) +3

Justin Herbert played on his hand, until he injured it and ended up on the verge of defeat.

Week 5: rest.

13. Cleveland Browns (2-2) -3

Cleveland was DTR, but it wasn’t enough.

Week 5: rest.

14. Green Bay Packers (2-2) -1

They will never have found the solution against David Montgomery.

Week 5: trip to the Raiders.

15. New Orleans Saints (2-2) -1

Dennis Allen still can’t find the key.

Week 5: trip to the Patriots.

16. Tennessee Titans (2-2) +10

Derrick Henry just recorded his 35th game over 100 yards. He has the third highest total in league history.

Week 5: trip to the Colts.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (1-3) -6

The alarm bells are ringing in Cincinnati.

Week 5: trip to the Cardinals.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) -2

Matt Canada is dry.

Week 5: Ravens reception.

19. Atlanta Falcons (2-2) -2

English soil was clearly not more fertile for Atlanta.

Week 5: reception of the Texans.

20. Minnesota Vikings (1-3) +3

The attack wasn’t far from a misstep, but Mattison made them dance.

Week 5: reception of the Chiefs.

21. Washington Commanders (2-2) -1

His offense was tired so Ron Rivera didn’t want to play the two-point conversion… to play overtime. Logic.

Week 5: Bears reception.

22. New England Patriots (1-3) -3

Bill Belichick has just suffered the heaviest defeat of his career.

Week 5: receiving the Saints.

23. Los Angeles Rams (2-2) +2

This attack will be very complicated to manage when Cooper Kupp returns.

Week 5: Eagles reception.

24. New York Jets (1-3) -3

Zach Wilson had the opportunity to strike a big blow

Week 5: trip to the Broncos.

25. Houston Texans (2-2) +2

CJ Stroud is shaping up to be a future NFL star.

Week 5: trip to the Falcons.

26. New York Giants (1-3) -4

As is customary, Daniel Jones left with 10 sacks and full suitcases.

Week 5: trip to the Dolphins.

27. Indianapolis Colts (2-2) -3

Anthony Richardson still lacks consistency. When he finds it, he can do a lot of damage.

Week 5: reception of the Titans.

28. Arizona Cardinals (1-3) +1

The scenario is perfect for Arizona: the Cardinals fight, progress, but don’t forget to lose to keep their draft hopes alive.

Week 5: reception of the Bengals.

29. Denver Broncos (1-3) +2

The defense almost succeeded in making Justin Fields look like a “franchise quarterback.”

Week 5: Jets reception.

30. Las Vegas Raiders (1-3) -2

Aidan O’Connell will dream of Mack who managed to put him to sleep.

Week 5: reception of the Packers.

31. Carolina Panthers (0-4) -1

For now, Bryce Young suffers from the comparison with CJ Stroud.

Week 5: trip to the Lions.

32. Chicago Bears (0-4)

Matt Eberflus’ days seem to be numbered at the helm of Chicago.

Week 5: trip to the Commanders.

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