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Mark Andrews (Ravens): “A good thing to ban the hip-drop tackle”

The technique that injured Mark Andrews last year is banned. The Tight End is happy and has high expectations for himself and his counterparts.

The decision to withdraw the legality of hip-drop tackle (editor’s note: hip descent) has caused a lot of discussion this offseason. Defenders complain about yet another rule preventing them from carrying out their work. Attackers praise the security of such a measure.

Mark Andrews (TE, Ravens) supports this, as reported by NFL Media.

“I am always in favor of making this sport less risky. When you look at the last five years, there have been a lot of injuries with that (hip-drop tackle). So just raising awareness about this type of tackling, I think it's good. It's good to preserve the health of the players. I don't think removing this type of tackle is a bad thing. I think defenses can find a way to do without it. »

Mark Andrews knows what he's talking about. He suffered this kind of tackle in 2023, during the 11e day of the regular season. An unfortunate action which deprived him of the rest of the competition.

The same Mark Andrews, the new Baltimore

This year, the Baltimore Ravens are developing an offensive scheme revolving around a two-tight end formation, which seems to delight Andrews.

“It’s going to be something exceptional. With two guys this dynamic, there will be space all over the field, no matter where you are. It will be hard to counter that. We both love playing, we're competitive, it's going to be fun. »

If Mark Andrews includes himself in the equation, he also talks about his friend Isaiah Likely. The young tight end perfectly replaced his counterpart.

This is reflected in the statistics. The veteran, before getting injured (10 games), made 45 receptions for 544 yards and 6 touchdowns. Isaiah Likely over the last 6 games brought 21 receptions, 322 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Both were invaluable to Lamar Jackson's winning of his second MVP trophy. The Tight End star intends to continue to support his Quarterback.

“Obviously, we have Lamar Jackson, and he likes his tight ends. So we're going to stand out for him. »

The rising position

Todd Monken (OC, Ravens) could have decided to put them in competition, he prefers to combine them. The move highlights greater use of tight ends in Baltimore. A phenomenon which is also spreading across the league, which does not fail to seduce Mark Andrews.

“The tight end position is growing. We're some of the best athletes on the field, muscular, big, powerful, pass catching… I love what we can do. I think we will continue to grow, me, Like (editor's note: Isaiah Likely) and all the others. »

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