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Jordan Mailata with the Eagles until 2028

The Australian left tackle extended for three years and $66 million.

With the retirement of legend Jason Kelce, Philadelphia has decided to secure the future of its offensive line. After the extension of guard Landon Dickerson earlier this offseason, it is Jordan Mailata's turn to link his future with the Eagles until 2028.

According to ESPN, the left tackle signed a three-year contract extension for $66 million. Of this amount, 48 million are guaranteed and 20 million will be paid in the form of a signing bonus. He becomes the fourth highest paid offensive tackle in the league.

A rugby player who became an NFL starter

The Australian began his professional career with the South Sydney Rabbioths rugby union team. Thanks to the league's international program, he was able to be drafted in the last round in 2018.

At two meters tall, Mailata has managed to find a starting place with the Eagles over the last three seasons and has only missed four games. A Pro Bowler, he is part of Jalen Hurts' close guard.

The player even has hidden talents.

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