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[Jeu mobile] Football Head Coach 24: the NFL in your pocket

The options for playing an American football game on a smartphone are limited, but Football Head Coach 24 offers you a compelling alternative on iOS and Android.

What is this ?

Football Head Coach 23 is a mobile game allowing you to create your own American football franchise and manage it from A to Z.

You create your own squad with real NFL players and you choose the tactics to use in matches. The game is free, but purchasing possibilities to improve your squad more quickly are implemented in the application.

Your team

You can customize your franchise as you see fit. First of all, you need to choose the name of your general manager and your team logo. A wide choice of logos is available.

After this start, you will be able to start building your team. Over time, better players will become available and the more you persevere, the more NFL stars and superstars you will have at your disposal.

The season

Like in the NFL, you play one season. Every day you have to face another player in your league. Even if you only have one match scheduled, you can also play quick matches to earn coins and packs and improve your squad.

The further you progress in the game, the more rewards you will unlock.

The game

Before diving into fierce player encounters, you can adjust your tactics and use your favorite formations in attack and defense. Of course, you have to use the right players in the right places with the right formations. And the choices are vast!

Then the match is played using the tactics and players you have in place.

Touchdown for Football Head Coach 24

If you’re looking for a mobile game that immerses you in the NFL and team building a la Madden Ultimate Team, Football Head Coach 24 is for you. Especially since unlike many other games, we advance on merit.

Download Football Head Coach 24

Test by Mehdi Jullien

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