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Packers – Chiefs (27-19): Jordan Love pays for the champion

Green Bay Packers (6-6) – Kansas City Chiefs (8-4): 27-19

A solid quarterback who distributes. A defense that holds up at the end of the match. It is with the ingredients of the Chiefs that the Packers won on Sunday. Jordan Love (25/36, 267 yards, 3 TDs) was impeccable for a good part of the match. And when its offense began to slow down, the defense took over to contain Kansas City's comeback attempt.

Patrick Mahomes (21/33, 210 yards, 1 TD, 1 int) did not have the same success at all. Unable to finish at the start of the game, the double champion was intercepted 5mn14 from the end while trying to put his team in front. He had one last ball to go for the equalizer, but his final pass was well defended by Green Bay.

The Packers start strong

Thirteen actions, almost eight minutes, 75 yards and a touchdown from Ben Sims. It's difficult to get a better start to the match than that of Green Bay (7-0). Especially since Love and his teammates do it again on their second possession. The quarterback and his targets are in rhythm, he only misses one of his first eleven passes. Christian Watson (7 rec, 71 yards, 2 TDs) scores in turn. Green Bay leads 14-3 midway through the second quarter.

The Chiefs stall in the final meters. Their first two possessions ended in kicks. 14-6 at the break for the locals.

Finally a second half for the Chiefs

The least productive team in the league after the break this season, the Chiefs are finally bucking the trend! They rush out of the locker room. Isaiah Pacheco (18 carries, 110 yards, 1 TD – 3 rec, 13 yards) is having a good day. It is he who finds the end zone to bring his team back into the match (14-12).

But these Packers aren't panicking. Love responds with a new precise offensive. More than four minutes for seven actions, a 5/5 for the quarterback and a new touchdown from Christian Watson to take off again (21-12). The match is off to a good start, as the Chiefs respond immediately. They unfold their offensive array until a touchdown from Noah Gray. At the start of the last quarter, everything seems ready to get carried away (21-19).

Except that this is the moment that the defenses choose to wake up. After an exchange of punts, Green Bay scores on the foot (24-19). Mahomes is intercepted when Sky Moore seems to get lost on his route. The greens add three points (27-19). Mahomes only has one big minute left for a miracle. There won't be any.

After their surprise victory against the Lions on Thanksgiving, the Packers confirm that they are back in the race for the playoffs. The Chiefs maintain control of the AFC West, but they are now one win behind the Dolphins and Ravens in the AFC.

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