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Jets: Zach Wilson new starter

We thought the story was over, but it is not: Zach Wilson is once again a starter for the Jets. After two cataclysmic performances from his replacements, Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian, the New York staff are backtracking. It was Robert Saleh who officially announced it at a press conference this Wednesday.

The attempted electroshock at the quarterback position will therefore only last two short matches. With only 13 then 8 points scored, these changes will not have had the desired effect. But the most surprising thing is that the offense was no worse with Boyle and Siemian than with Wilson. The Jets remain on 5 consecutive defeats, and have not exceeded 13 points scored since week 6. Wilson's return therefore looks like a bandage on an open fracture.

Wilson's last chance…to stay in the NFL

Author of 1944 yards, 6 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in 10 games, Zach Wilson therefore regains the starting position. If rumors in recent days had suggested that he did not want to start, they were quickly denied by Robert Saleh and Aaron Rodgers.

However, questions surrounding Wilson's character have arisen since he entered the league. In addition to his level of play, Zach Wilson will have to prove over the last five games that he can keep his place in the league. Unless Aaron Rodgers returns by the end of the season.

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