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Jets – Jaguars (3-19): Jacksonville confiscates the ball and extinguishes New York

New York Jets (7-8) – Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8): 3-19

Coming onto the field on Saturday, the Tennessee Titans will be under more pressure than ever. They are now one defeat away from losing the AFC South lead. Who would have believed it a few weeks ago? And yet, Jacksonville has just chained a series of four consecutive victories to replace itself perfectly in the race for this division. The latest arrived this Thursday in New York. An unspectacular success, but a meeting mastered from start to finish.

3 points and that’s it

races, In attack, the Jaguars made it a point of honor to keep the ball as much as possible to control the tempo of this game. Explosive the previous weeks, Trevor Lawrence (20/31 and yards and 229 + yards has changed here into a manager. A role he assumed wonderfully. In defense, the visitors left no chance for the Jets without a solution. New York only had three runs and TD) failed to gain more than 230 yards. Offensive concerns symbolized by the quarterback position. After three again mediocre quarters from Zach Wilson (9/18, 92 yards and 1 INT), Robert Saleh played Chris Streveler (10/15 and 90 yards) throughout the end of the match. The future of number two in the 2021 draft is looking increasingly dark in the Big Apple.

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However, the match started in the best possible way for the locals. From the first drive, the defense provokes a fumble from Trevor Lawrence to put his attack in the ideal conditions. The offensive squad starts its match on the opposing 16-yard line, but fails to materialize. And after 3 games and -3 yards, New York is content with a kick from Greg Zuerlein from 37 yards (3-0). These will be the Jets’ only points in the entire game. Opposite, this fumble acts as an electroshock. The number 1 of the 2021 draft has returned to his game and the attack is starting to get underway.

A perfect situation for the Jaguars

Jacksonville will first equalize from the next possession (3-3) before delivering the best drive of the game. An offensive series of 16 games that will last more than 8 minutes. Jacksonville crosses the entire field and after 96 yards, Trevor Lawrence finished the groundwork (10-3). The Jaguars have just created a gap which is already definitive in this part. The following ? They will manage it without forcing too much. Travis Etienne (22 races for 83 yards + 3 receptions for 29 yards) and Evan Engram (7 receptions for 113 yards) will be fed regularly to allow the attack to advance when necessary. Doug Pederson’s men will not really force, but will add three new field goals during the game (3-19).

It must be said that opposite, the offensive proposal is very weak. Some players are missing like Corey Davis (2 receptions for 14 yards) or Garrett Wilson (4 receptions for 30 yards). Above all, Zach Wilson worries more than ever. The former BYU had another chance during this Thursday Night Football to prove that he deserved his starting place, but he once again fell through. At the points of seeing Chris Streveler finish the meeting. Another terrible disavowal from Robert Saleh.

The manager is certainly hoping to reunite with Mike White before facing the Seahawks next week. After this defeat, the Jets fall back into negative territory and begin to let the playoff train pass. New York must absolutely react with two trips to end the season (@Seahawks and @Dolphins) if they still want to hope for something. On the Jaguars side, however, the dynamics are perfect. Jacksonville is in a perfect situation with the trip to Houston next weekend before finishing the season with a game that will certainly be worth gold against the Titans.

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