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[Future Hope] Jalen Carter (DT): The Middle Emperor

While waiting for the post-season draft sheets, the editorial staff of DNA of Sports offers you, every Tuesday, a spotlight on the future nuggets who will join the NFL in 2023.

Jalen Carter

Born in Apoka, Florida
1m90 for 140 kilos
Defensive-tackle, Georgia, junior

While three defensive linemen from Georgia’s 4-2-5 were drafted in the 1st round of the 2022 draft, Jalen Carter is considered the best of them. This season, he confirmed why!

If I were a quality: from everywhere on the 1st curtain

Jalen Carter is a weapon on the defensive board. From O-technique to 5-technique, he wreaks havoc on the offensive lines. Because it is powerful enough to push a center or a guard (from 0 to 4 Technique). Because his mobility, explosive for such a size, allows him to also fight with the tackles (5T).

The training received in Georgia taught him this versatility. Coach Kirby Smart is a defensive specialist who likes to vary his patterns from one game to another, from one defensive series to another: players therefore change alignments very often. This was the case last year for Devonte Wyatt (Packers) whose Jalen Carter takes over the role in Georgia.

In fact, it is compatible with any defensive organization on the 1st curtain, four or three: 43DT or 34DE.

If I were a defect: panoply to develop

Jalen Carter is powerful and has a very lively footwork: he therefore very often wins his one-on-ones. But each offensive line knows that he is the most formidable attacker: the game plan is therefore to retain him with two players! That’s the case at the NCAA level, and if he becomes a top-10 pick or better, then he’ll be under watch in the NFL as well.

The best, such as JJ Watt or Aaron Donald, know how to get rid of two-man holds to still make an impact game! Jalen Carter is a diamond just waiting to be polished: his future position coach and defensive coordinator will play a big role in his impact in the NFL. Diversifying your angles of attack and your moves (see here) will be essential to join the best.

If I were a date: December 31, 2022

Unlike the NFL and its 14 qualified franchises, the college football playoffs currently involve only four teams. Like last year, Georgia will be there. Already two and potentially four playoff games before joining the NFL: a super rare level of experience.

The sporting and financial stakes, the extreme demands of the fans and the media: the pressure in the NFL is terrible! So being able to play high-stakes games in NFL stadiums, with a national audience, is a real plus for college players. And also decisive moments for their evaluations!

If I were a draft pick: top 10

Regarding the draft, NFL managers follow three strategies: take the best player available, choose a player according to their needs or use their first choice on a position with a lot of impact. If the inside of the defensive line is important, these players often fall behind outside pass rushers in terms of positional value.

Only two DTs were drafted in the 1st round in 2022, two also in 2020. The first of them was only drafted in the 2nd round in 2021! So to join the top 10, you have to have “elite” potential.

This was the case for Quinnen Williams or Ed Oliver in 2019. Jalen Carter is perceived, for the moment, as a player with potential (not style of play) equivalent to these two players.

If I was an NFL player: Jeffery Simmons (Titans)

In his 4th NFL season, Jeffery Simmons dominates in the trenches. As effective against the run as in penetrating the pocket, it is the deterrent weapon par excellence in the middle of the defensive line. Like him, Jalen Carter offers a complete profile.

Like him, he is an intimidating player! The kind to force the opposing offensive lines to assign a player in a duel and another in help. Enough to free up space for another defender: if he is not always noticed in statistical terms, a dominant defensive tackle is the anchor of a good defense because he allows others to shine.

If I were an NFL team: Philadelphia Eagles

Thanks to the choice acquired from the Saints in 2022 (for Chris Olave), Philly will have two choices in the 1st round. That of New Orleans could allow them to be in a position to recruit Jalen Carter. Although they have already chosen the imposing Jordan Davis in 2022, the Eagles will need reload this position during the off-season: Fletcher Cox, Javon Hargrave, Ndamukong Suh and Linval Joseph will all be at the end of their contracts!

How ? Jordan Davis is here? So what could be more natural than giving him back the man who was his teammate for three seasons at Georgia? Especially since the two players are complementary, both in their size and in their respective games. In addition, manager Howie Roseman has repeatedly proven his appetite for linemen during the draft. But the Seahawks and the Lions could get ahead of them!

Below are all of Jalen Carter’s defensive snaps in November 2022 against Tennessee: enough to see him lined up at different places on the line of engagement. What above all, you make your own opinion. Show highlights consists in proposing only the positive actions of a player: to see his entire match also allows to see his axes of progress.

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