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[Fantasy] Week 6: a double bet named Walker

It’s the return of the Fantasy section on DNA of Sports, every Saturday find our tips, our favorites, and the pitfalls to avoid.

This week marks the start of byes weeks, and with them the start of hair pulling. If you have perfectly anticipated everything during your draft, you already have your fallback plan, for the others, it is a question of limiting the breakage by sniffing out the good moves.

The absents

With the broken leg, Rashaad Penny is forfeited for the rest of the season, a blow for many teams where he played a valuable role as Flex or even 2nd runner. Cam Akers has been withdrawn for personal reasons.

Hit in the ankle, Baker Mayfield will miss several matches, not necessarily a big loss when you play for the win. Still recovering, Tua Tagovailoa will once again be absent this weekend.

Side tight end, Par Freiermuth will be absent for the reception of Tampa Bay.


The safe bet: Kyler Murray. If he has trouble starting, Murray still often ends matches with full points. In the top 5 of the most prolific quarterbacks in terms of points, the worst defense in the league in terms of yards and 31st in terms of points seems an ideal playground to garner a large number of points.
The bet: PJ Walker. The big rib of the week. With Baker Mayfield on the flank, the former XFL MVP will start his third NFL game. To perform well on the field as in fantasy, he must above all avoid losing balls. But against the very pale Rams, it could be a bet to take. In any case, he will have a hard time being less productive than his titular pitcher.
Avoid: Trevor Lawrence. After a good start to the season, Lawrence is marking time. Unable to register any touchdown against modest Texans, a new shock of division should not help him to revive. If the Colts are not necessarily at the party this year, they had perfectly muzzled Mahomes in week 3 and could offer a completely different resistance than during the 1st clash between the two teams in week 2.

Running back

The safe bet: Ramondre Stevenson. After marching on Detroit, the Patriots runner should also have interesting statistics against the Browns. Especially with Damien Harris’ package, its use should be even greater. And Cleveland is among the teams that concede the most runs to runners. In this week of bye week, it will be the ideal joker to compensate for absences.
The bet: Kenneth Walker. Penny’s injury opens up a boulevard for the rookie. He will now be the backfield leader for the Seahwaks, and should see his role grow in attack. As runner number 2 in a line up he should not be a stain. Even less against an Arizona defense that has already allowed a minimum of 12 points to 4 running backs this season.
Avoid: Najee Harris. Much less brilliant at the start of the season than for his rookie season, Najee Harris is marking time. And it is not the excellent defense of the Buccaneers which should offer him a favorable ground for a good statistical record.


The safe bet: Devonta Smith. Number 1 receiver of the only undefeated team in the league? Maybe not completely, but it looks like it. For 3 matches, the former winner of the Heismann Trophy has been racking up balls and yards. With at least 15 points in these last matches, a duel against his former Crimson Tide teammate Trevon Diggs in a division clash could still be an ideal ground to show the full extent of his talent.
The bet: Rondale Moore. After an injury-hampered start to the season, Moore is finally in a fit state to show off his speed. With 7 receptions and 68 yards last week, he showed that he was a real solution for a Kyler Murray still deprived of Hopkins for a game. With the number one label and facing the friable Defense of Seattle, Moore could be the good surprise of the managers who will align him in flex.
Avoid: Juju Smith-Schuster. Even if Tre’Davius ​​White is not yet operational for this weekend, the Buffalo Defense should offer a big challenge to Andy Reid’s attack. Not yet fully acclimatized and connected to Mahomes, Juju could once again stay behind.


The safe bet: David Njoku. Not always at the party since his arrival in the league, Njoku has found good chemistry with Jacoby Brissett. With 24 receptions and almost 300 yards in 5 matches, his dynamic is excellent. His opponent of the weekend has conceded an average of one touchdown per game against the tights end. Auspicious.
The bet: Will Dissly. Already 3 touchdowns scored and a connection that works with the surprising Geno Smith. Facing the Cardinals, the second worst team against the tights end, Dissly could score valuable points.
Avoid: Kyle Pitts. Faced with the excellent defense of the 49ers, 1st in almost all categories, Pitts already not widely used should not have a good evening. Probably followed by Fred Warner, it would be better to leave the former 4th draft pick warm on the bench.

Top 5 waivers of the week

1. Taysom Hill – TE
2. Eno Benjamin – RB
3. Hayden Hurst – TE
4. PJ Walker – QB
5. George Pickens – WR

The Griz’League

Thanks to a very big score, and well helped by runners on fire, Tiffany moved to the top of the league. An armchair that she shares with Antoine who is reviving by having a rival for qualification in the person of Mathieu. Marc completes the trifecta of teams at 4-1 despite his severe defeat against Brice. There are no longer any undefeated.

Alain continues a 3rd loss in a row against Romain who despite the 6 small points of his quarterback was carried by Jefferson and Kelce unleashed. Well helped by an almost general poor performance from Victor, Alex went on and returned to the peloton after a difficult start. Despite Patrick Mahomes, Xavier had to make up his mind to lose to Elioth’s riders.

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