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ELF: the defense of the Paris Musketeers ensures victory

For its home premiere, the Paris Mousquetaires went for victory. They nevertheless suffered to win this meeting 25-22 against the Frankfurt Galaxy.

The Parisian franchise showed its supporters two distinctly different faces, far from the undivided domination of the entire group last week. On the one hand, the attack slipped, without much inspiration and leaving Zach Edwards alone against everyone.

On the other hand, the defense kept the score flowing and even sealed the game, alone, with a final interception.

Soporific attacks, awakened defenses

Daniel Josiah (LB) harmed the Parisian attack. Frankfurt linebacker forced 2 fumblescovered one and turned it over for one touch down in the first period. The Parisian defense responded perfectly with a first interception and an oppressive defensive line led by Stanley Zeregbe and Mamadou Sy. 15-14 at the break.

On the German side, the attack remained lethargic for 60 minutes. The successive play calls of interior runs, screen passes and short routes produced a difficult football mush to watch.

In the second part of the match the Parisian attack, also in difficulty, was able to be more aggressive. Hugo Tekedam (WR) stood out to help his quarterback on complicated receptions. the offensive line was in difficulty for the majority of the game, to be continued.

Adversity was higher than in 1e Parisian match. However, we cannot say that it was significant enough to draw lessons after two meetings.

The MVP: Chandler Jones (CB)

There were no great individual performances from the Musketeers. It’s a whole group that showed their temperament to escape the German trap.

Chandler Jones, summer recruit, was however quite clutch to win honors.

His first interception brought the Parisians back into the match. His second, with 26 seconds remaining, finished off the Galaxy.

The former Louisville player was not perfect, however. He missed a few tackles and man-to-man defenses. He could have even had an interception earlier in the last drive without a fault on his counterpart.

Next week: Paris Mousquetaires (2-0) vs Rhein Fire (2-1)

The rest of the league

Rhein Fire – Madrid Bravos: 10-22

History continues to be written for Madrid. The brand new EFL franchise has created a surprise. She won in style, with her quarterback injured and away against the EFL title holder. The Rhein Fire, future opponent of Paris, lost for the first time since 2022! The Bravos showed the way, with the Musketeers following suit.

Other meetings

Barcelona Dragons – Tirol Raiders: 63-7

Milano Seamen – Helvetics Mercenaries: 14-7

Berlin Thunder – Fehérvar Enthroners: 43-3

Wroclaw Panthers – Vienna Vikings: 13-16

Munich Ravens – Prague Lions: 51-7

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