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[Draft Sheets] Kyler Gordon (CB), call him Flash!

Not the flashiest of cornerbacks in this class, but one of the most applied.

Kyler GordonCornerback – 22 years – Junior – Washington

Cut : 1m83

Weight : 91kg

Estimated draft position: 2and round

Stats 2021: 45 tackles, 7 passes defended, 2 interceptions, a forced fumble.

NFL Comparison: Carlton Davis

Strong points

Fast and fluid in its movements

Physical and good tackler


If in Cincinnati, the talent of Sauce Gardner allowed Coby Bryant to shine, the Bearcats were not the only ones to have two very talented starting cornerbacks in 2021. Despite the oh so gloomy season of the Washington Huskies, Trent McDuffie was the chief defenseman on coverage and pushed the quarterbacks to throw in the other direction. A boon for a Kyler Gordon, finally out of the bench, and who was able to demonstrate to the eyes of the world the skills that could make him a formidable NFL player. With 7 passes defended and 2 interceptions, the native of Mukilteo in the local state was the most productive player in his program in these categories, and relied on a solid combination of physicality and speed. His size and his contribution to the racing game, few people discovered him, he who had long excelled in the special teams of the Huskies, as a gunner. But it is indeed against the pass that Gordon has gradually forged a reputation, reporting a tenacity in the duel, a fluidity in the movements and the changes of direction and a saving explosiveness at the time of cut pass lines. Whether facing small and agile profiles, or facing larger and beefier players, the Huskies player presents a physical compromise allowing him to be dissuasive in man to man, without necessarily letting his hands drag too often. His changes of direction and efficiency at the tackle made him a multi-tasker, with frequent use early in his college slot career.

Weak points


playmaker ability

Is this where he will find his salvation in the first place? Because if Gordon remains behind compared to other cornerbacks, it is largely because of the gray areas that he presents to potentially play on the outside. Not always good at reading the receiver’s eyes or anticipating the quarterback’s passes, Gordon can fill gaps in the zone with his speed, but still has that lag time that could be costly in his first few months. Can he also become a real playmaker at the top level? Certainly, his two interceptions attest to his ability to hit the mark, but the person concerned could have had a more attractive ratio with more notable instincts in this exercise.

Possible destinations

Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks

With a size and a perfect character to evolve in the big league, Kyler Gordon should not miss drop points at the top level. The main problem will undoubtedly be its role in the long term, and its overall performance. If he can play everywhere and disrupt the reading of his opponents, his lack of discipline can also cost him dearly in the wide open spaces and it would not be surprising to see him mainly used in the slot in his rookie season to optimize his speed and his art of tackling. Not sure that he will subsequently become a number 1 in his position, but having such a complete and hardworking profile, even as number 2, can largely push a franchise to invest in him from the second round of the next draft.

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