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[Draft Sheets] Jalen Wydermyer (TE), which summit for the mountain?

Physical and swift, Jalen Wydermyer is a player sure of his strength. A little too much, perhaps?

Jalen WydermyerTight-end – 21 years – Junior Texas A&M

Cut : 1m96

Weight : 116 kilos

Estimated draft position: 2nd-3rd round

Stats 2021 : 40 receptions, 515 yards, 4 touchdowns

NFL Comparison: Eric Ebron

Strong points

– Tracking ability

– Deterrent template

– Threat at reception

A mover’s physique. Amazing agility. Instant emergence. Launched into the deep end, from his freshman season on the side of Texas A&M, Jalen Wydermyer immediately showed what had made him a courted player when he left high school. In a Texan attack on the alternation, the receiver of training will apply a good knowledge of the layouts to succeed in being forgotten. Full center, he quickly becomes a safety valve and can, in addition, thanks to his robust physique, cause mayhem on the yards after reception. When the separation is not completely assured, Wydermyer can also rely on a background of basketball player to crack down in the duel, by the preferential position he can find or by the relatively reliable hands he can use. Production has been affected, with an average of more than 12 yards per reception in college and a total of 16 touchdowns in three seasons at College Station.

Weak points

– Ability in bouldering phases

– Total involvement?

Valuable at reception, Wydermyer can however find himself in troubled waters on the bouldering phases. His stature is both an advantage and a disadvantage, as it causes him to rush his ground anchoring and his center of gravity. By the same token, upper body technique is more than uncertain and can clearly expose the ball carrier. The evolution of Texas A&M’s offensive system has also shown the limits of its tight end, with a much more massive ground game, which has ended up questioning the real ceiling of the offensive player and his overall involvement in the different phases. game. Concentration drops were too often noticed in 2021.

Possible destinations

Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals

Presented as the tight end star of the 2022 vintage before the start of the university season, Jalen Wydermyer seemed to rest on certain physical assets throughout the campaign, to the point of seeing many counterparts pass him in the possible hierarchy. Physical, without being sufficiently aggressive in the block. Agile, without being explosive on reception. The Aggies player still has a lot of gray areas, given his profile. His scheme was not impressive and should lead him to become, at best, a curiosity of the second day of the draft. In itself, the project remains interesting, but it will take patient coaching staff to make it a real number 1 tight end at the top level.

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