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[Combine] Attack: Anthony Richardson in the race for the 1st choice?

Like every year, the NFL combine was a highlight of the pre-draft process. If the workshops make it possible to evaluate the physical capacities of the players, the interviews allow the teams to judge the level of maturity of the candidates.

Who earned points? Who lost? We summarize all this for the attack.

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The winner: Anthony Richardson, Florida

Anthony Richardson is very young and, while his potential is huge, there are doubts about his pitching abilities. That being said, the combine proved one thing: he’s a physical monster, the likes of which the NFL hasn’t seen in the position since Cam Newton. Impeccable in running (4.43 seconds for 40 yards), he also displayed his athletic abilities in vertical jumping. His RAS score (physical evaluation of prospects): 10 out of 10, he joins with this perfect score Cam Newton (2011) and Daunte Culpepper (1999). Richardson is officially a possible new candidate for the top pick.

The loser: Tanner McKee, Stanford

If Tanner McKee had no ambition for the first round of the draft, a good combination could have opened the doors to the second round. It’s even less likely after an uneven performance that saw the player upset with his mechanic. For such an “old” player, a better technical mastery is expected.

Running Back

The winner: Jahmyr Gibbs

Often presented as the number 2 runner in this draft (behind Bijan Robinson), Gibbs has confirmed two fundamental aspects of his game: he is fast and he is an excellent receiver. Versatility as a runner in the NFL is valuable, and many teams will want to get a player of that caliber backed up in the top 50.

The loser: Tank Bigsby, Auburn

In a rich and homogeneous class, “Tank” Bigsby had the opportunity to climb the rankings by taking advantage of a more robust physique than the average. Unfortunately, the athletic tests did not meet expectations, and the possibility of seeing him climb in the second round seems less likely.

Tight End

The winner: Zack Kuntz, Old Dominion

Another perfect athletic score, for a player still unknown (or forgotten) on the national level. Kuntz has never been able to explode in his college career, despite a transfer to Old Dominion which revived his momentum in 2021. This athletic performance is bound to intrigue the scouts, who will look again at his videos to identify the player’s potential .

The loser: Payne Durham, Purdue

A versatile yet situational player, Durham had to answer questions about his athletic ability and speed. He disappointed in all the workshops and it is even now possible that he will not be called to the draft.

Wide Receiver

The winner: Andrei Iosivas, Princeton

Despite a low national exposure at Princeton, Andrei Iosivas mounts the mocks week after week, it is not after the combination that it will stop. He is fast, explosive and sudden in his changes of direction. Such potential can end in the second round, he is a player to watch closely!

Loser: Jordan Addison, USC

Expected as the first receiver of this draft, Addison may have lost big points during the day. Lighter than expected and with small hands, Addison performed well below his standards, achieving a very average 40 yards (4.49) and with a worrying vertical trigger (34). Enough to make him just a slot player? Possible.

offensive line

The winner: Broderick Jones, Georgia

The duel to be number 1 tackle is in full swing, and Jones may have become the favorite. Physically solid, and even bigger than expected, he showed appreciable speed as well as sufficient explosiveness. Lively and efficient in his movements on the workshops, he did not show any weaknesses in his game, and the top 10 is possible.

Loser: Olusegun Oluwatimi, Michigan

While he shone during the season, Olu Oluwatimi showed certain limits during the combine. Too slow for a zone system, it risks having its compatibility limited to certain specific systems.

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