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[Draft] NFL Combine 2023: one workshop, one player

Here we are: the NFL Combine 2023! Sprinting, jumping and changing direction, athletes are on the fields on Sundays in the NFL. Athletic testing is therefore important. But not only.

The scouts have submitted their reports and now it is the managers and the head coach who take over. On site, their impressions make the difference each year and some players then see their ratings skyrocket. For what ?

A scout evaluates a player on his strengths, weaknesses and potential. A coach evaluates a player in relation to his particular game system: that alone makes a player go up or down.

Another example, the manager took stock of the past season and he finds that his team lacked a player with such a profile. Where the scout had evaluated a player on his game, the manager also evaluates him in relation to this specific need that this player could fill (or not): that too causes the players’ rating to fluctuate.

40 yard dash: Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee

Taking a defense or on the contrary knowing how to contain it is mandatory in the NFL. The sprint exercise is above all important at the receiving and cornerback positions. But all positions in defense are also evaluated according to the “speed” criterion. Same for the runners. All players perform this television exercise and except for receivers and defensive backs, the other positions are mainly judged on time after 10 yards (assessment of the explosiveness of the first supports).

Receiver Jalin Hyatt stood out with the University of Tennessee in 2022. Comparable to a Will Fuller who distinguished himself in this sprint in 2016, a time around 4.35 seconds (over 36.6 meters) would solidify his profile.

Josh Downs and Tyler Scott, North Carolina and Cincinnati receivers as well as runner Devon Achane (Texas A&M) are also to follow in this workshop.

Jumps: Joe Tippman (OC/Wisconsin) and Mazi Smith (DT/Michigan)

No, neither will sign the best performance during the broad jump (long jump from a standing start) or during the vertical jump (high jump without momentum). But the performances during these two workshops are also scrutinized for the line players.

Knowing how to rush forward gives indications as to the explosiveness of the engagement of the ball. This is essential for an OC (center) because the opponent, aligned so close, arrives very quickly.

Knowing how to raise one and a half quintal upwards is useless during a match! But pushing on his legs informs about the competence of a DT (defensive tackle) to be able to engage all his weight in the duel. Namely suddenly change direction too.

Joe Tippman and Mazi Smith have superior athletic qualities that can allow them to confirm their productions on NCAA courts.

The interviews: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Receiving a player for 15 minutes does not eliminate all risks. But this allows you to get an idea of ​​​​his future involvement: is he more of a Kylian Mbappé or a Neymar? Before investing several million dollars, franchises like to know the personality of their future players.

Since the quarterback must not only lead his team in the field, but also become “the face of the franchise”, Will Levis and the other candidates for this position play big during interviews.

So far, the feedback seems very positive as draft analyst Todd McShay reports:

“I had the chance to sit down and chat with him. He’s a young man of impeccable character, and everyone I’ve met on the University of Kentucky campus has told me that. “, Todd McShay during a show on ESPN

Workshops do you want some here

The 300 and some players are also evaluated on many other workshops, with measurement and without.

This allows staff to refine their board (ranking): with the statistics but also via their visual impressions. For example, if there seems to be very little at stake for a quarterback, coaches like to be able to observe the candidates closely: throwing gestures, body balance, ball velocity are much more assessable elements by being on the spot than by watching videos.

The favorites to increase their odds

Jumbled up, these players have athletic potential allowing them to score points during these days in Indianapolis: Joey Porter (CB/Penn State), Myles Murphy (DE/Clemson), Will McDonald (DE/Iowa State), Calijah Kancey (DT / Pittsburgh), Drew Sanders (LB / Arkansas) and Keion White (DE / Georgia Tech) in defense.

Anthony Richardson (QB/Florida), Andrei Iosivas (WR/Princeton), Quentin Johnston (WR/TCU), Peter Skoronski (OT/Northwestern) and tight-ends Josh Whyle (Cincinnati) and Luke Musgrave (Oregon State) could win places in attack.

Some players will be present but only to meet the staff, without participating in the workshops. This is the case for example of two players scheduled for the top 5: Bryce Young (QB / Alabama) and Jalen Carter (DT / Georgia).

The running order

Thursday 9 p.m.: defensive line and linebackers

Friday 9 p.m.: defensive backs

Saturday 7 p.m.: quarterbacks, receivers and tight ends

Sunday 7 p.m.: offensive line and running backs

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