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Texans: Lovie Smith fired

New year, same result in Houston. The Texans announced on Sunday evening that they have removed Lovie Smith from his duties after only one year on the bench. Already last year, David Culley was fired after just one season.

Cal McNair, the boss of the Texans, issued the statement of rigor, in which he thanked Smith for his services and wished him the best for the future.

“We know the results haven’t lived up to our hopes, but we’re dedicated to building a franchise that delivers long-term, sustainable results,” McNair said. “Our fans and this city deserve a team they can be proud of. I will work with Nick Caserio throughout this process and I am confident that we will find the right leader for this team. »

The information in this press release is perhaps the confidence shown in Caserio. The general manager was announced in the hot seat in recent hours by certain American media.

Still, to keep his promises, McNair will have to do one thing: provide a staff of abysmal poverty to coaches constantly on an ejection seat.

Because from his hiring last year, Smith was a somewhat strange choice for a team in search of reconstruction. On Sunday, his team won their last game of the season to finish with 3 wins, 13 losses and a draw. What offer them the second choice of the Draft.

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