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Draft: Jalen Carter wanted following a fatal accident

Projected in the top 5 of the 2023 Draft, the defensive tackle does not release his best publicity.

Jalen Carter said he will be meeting teams tomorrow as the 2023 NFL Draft Combine kicks off in Indianapolis. Obviously, he won’t get the chance.

Indeed, an arrest warrant was issued against him this Wednesday by the police of Athens-Clarke (Georgia), for dangerous driving and involvement in a race. The facts withheld are misdemeanors, not crimes.

This follows the investigation published by the newspaper The Atlanta Journal-Constitution who affirms that the player was indeed present on January 15, the day of the accident. That day, Jalen Carter and Chandler LeCroy “would have driven their vehicle like a race” according to the newspaper. Police confirm evidence of a run with “attempt of the two drivers to outrun the other”.

To make matters worse, the defensive tackle initially told investigators that he heard the crash from a nearby apartment.

The accident involved the death of 2 people: a teammate, Devin Willock and therefore Chandler LeCroy, who was a recruiting member from the University of Georgia. The latter would have driven under the influence of alcohol with a counter displayed at 168 km / h in the city center.

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