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Chargers – Titans (17-14): Helped by his defense, Justin Herbert snatches victory on the wire

Los Angeles Chargers (8-6) – Tennessee Titans (7-7): 17-4

Caught by the Titans 48 seconds from the end after containing them all game, the Chargers had a short window to get the win. A window that Justin Herbert (28/42, 313 yards, 2 interception) used without downtime to bring his kicker into position to seek the win. A liberating kick for LA which maintains its playoff hopes.

Until then, the Californians’ attack had been largely mediocre, offering a punting contest with the Titans’ attack. If the offensive content leaves something to be desired, the solidity of the defense allowed the Chargers to master the opponent and seek victory.

Strong defenses or weak attacks?

If the Chargers started flat out with a touchdown from Joshua Kelley after a well-executed first possession, the rest is a long way of the cross for the Angelinos attack. Punts in shambles, weak gains, a broken running game, the attack is muzzled by a solid defense of Tennessee. Opposite, it is not more brilliant. After a sterile start, the running game is set up by the inevitable Derrick Henry (21 races, 104 yards, 1 TD, 4 receptions, 59 yards) who picks up the score.

The continuation is only an exchange of punts and amorphous attacks on both sides. Touched at the start of the match, Ryan Tannehill does not shine after his return. Only 9 passes completed in 3 quarters, and increasingly shorter possessions and more and more pressure. He is suffocated by the opposing defense. While Herbert is more productive, he also makes mistakes. Intercepted twice, the quarterback fails to get his hands on the game.

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Chargers don’t know how to kill the game

We have to wait for the fourth quarter to finally see an attack move the chains. A long pass for Allen, a nice run from Ekeler, which then concludes and the Chargers take control. The still effective defense continues to muzzle Tennessee despite Henry’s runs. But unable to capitalize despite the balls returned, Herbert and his team chained the 3 & out and gave Tannehill the opportunity to attempt a comeback one last time. And this time it works. The quarterback concludes himself in force on the ground. This is the moment the LA quarterback chooses to let go of the horses. Several big plays that allow Cameron Dicker to convert the winning field goal.

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