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Seahawks – Cardinals (20-10): “Hello mom bobo” for Arizona

Seattle Seahawks (4-2) – Arizona Cardinals (1-6): 20 – 10

Sometimes suspense isn’t really the guarantee of a good match. We had to wait until the last two minutes of the match this Sunday for Seattle’s victory to appear certain. Thanks to several races from the always valuable Kenneth Walker, the Seahawks got close enough for Jason Myers to give them a ten-point lead, while Arizona had no more timeouts (20-10). Two sacks later, the game was over.

However, the meeting never really had any interest. The fault is a very low quality of play, with the exception of Jake Bobo’s touchdown. Apart from the courage and qualities of an abandoned Joshua Dobbs (19/33, 146 passing yards, 7 races for 43 yards and 1 TD), the Cardinals showed nothing, and it required great clumsiness from the locals, (3 ball losses, 1/3 in redzone) so that the match retains an ounce of uncertainty. Well helped by the race, and well protected, Geno Smith (18/24, 219 yards, 2 TDs, 1 Int, 1 fumble) must do better.

Absent Cardinals, clumsy Seahawks

The first half set the tone. After 3 entry punts, Geno Smith found Jaxon Smith-Njigba for 28 yards and the rookie’s first touchdown. Seattle already has the opportunity to take flight by forcing a new punt in front, but Deejay Dallas loses the ball on the return and gives 3 points to the opponents, unable to go for more. Seattle skates, punting on 4&2s in the opposing camp, and it takes an exceptional reception from Jake Bobo, validated after challenge, for them to be in front at the break (14-10).

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On the Cardinals side, however, there was not much. Under pressure, Joshua Dobbs was only able to mount one true drive the entire game, going through the floor. The quarterback was responsible for finishing with a 25-yard run (7-10).

A terrible second half

Where the first period was clumsy, the second will remain a peak of bad football on both sides. After a dynamic drive to start, the Seahawks failed in the redzone, and decided on a field goal on the fourth attempt on the goal line (17-10). Behind, the Cardinals committed a penalty and let Dobbs get run over for a 3 and out.

Their punt was returned by Deejay Dallas to the visitors’ 34 yards. In ideal position, Geno Smith threw a terrible interception to Garrett Williams. On the 1, the Cardinals pulled away again. Then, Geno Smith dropped a snap for a fumble that was covered by the defense. Arizona, on the opposing 20 yards, fell back before missing a 34-yard field goal. Seattle followed up with a loss of 2 yards in 3 attempts, and a new punt. The Cardinals gave the ball back on a completely missed trick play on the 4th attempt. It was not until Kenneth Walker got his feet back on the ground that new points were scored.

Hope and questions

For Seattle, the victory allows the machine to restart, but it will not be enough to avoid questions about the level of their quarterback, already unequal in Cincinnati. The rookies showed up. The Cardinals seem to be running out of solutions. If the ground game (127 yards) was efficient and Marquise Brown active (3 receptions 49 yards), Jonathan Gannon’s players lost the flame which had made them achieve miracles.

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