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Buffalo strengthens with Nyheim Hines

It had been expected for several weeks. The Bills have been in the news as soon as a running back’s name was mentioned in a transfer, and they finally took action. It is Nyheim Hines who arrives from the Colts against a conditional 6th round 2023 pick and his counterpart Zack Moss, according to information from ESPN.

Only substitute in Indianapolis, Nyheim Hines comes to reinforce a committee of riders composed, among others, of Devin Singletary and the rookie James Cook.

A versatile player, he had rushed for 1,205 yards and 10 touchdowns, as well as 1,725 ​​yards and 7 receiving touchdowns and 2 kick return touchdowns, since his draft by the Colts in 2018.

Buffalo therefore reinforces one of its only weak points with this recruitment, with the obvious objective of the supreme title.

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