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Antonio Brown is bankrupt…and he doesn't seem to be worried

Antonio Brown has earned over $80 million during his NFL career. Officially, he doesn't even have 50,000 left.

The Times Union reports that the former Steelers and Buccaneers player has filed for bankruptcy. He would have accumulated almost 3 million dollars in debt.

Among his creditors is a truck driver who is to receive $1.2 million after being attacked by Brown. The former player is also expected to pay following the verdicts of three other civil trials in which he was fined sums of at least six figures.

Antonio Brown also allegedly accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt on his credit cards. Last I heard, he was also having problems paying his alimony.

The former star's other creditors include companies that worked with him, and even a plumber to whom he owes $296.

Antonio Brown prefers to laugh about it

In official documents, Brown now claims to have assets of less than $50,000. He has filed documents to obtain a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which should allow him to reorganize his finances while protecting him from his creditors.

Creditors who will surely be delighted to see that the 35-year-old receiver has confirmed his bankruptcy on X… while having fun.

“The biggest bankruptcy announcement of all time,” he allowed himself to specify in the middle of all the other gritty messages on his account.

Always in good taste.

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