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49ers: Trey Lance relegated, Sam Darnold replacing

The smell of departure is looming (already) for the former number 3 of the 2021 Draft.

According to NFL Media, the 49ers have established their hierarchy for the quarterback position. This concerns in particular Trey Lance with the number 3 in the spotlight.

Drafted in 3rd position in the 2021 Draft, the quarterback from North Dakota State was relegated as 3rd quarterback. It will therefore be Sam Darnold who will be the replacement for Brock Purdy. The latter being confirmed as number 1. Since he arrived at the 49ers, the former Panthers quarterback has had the favor of Shanahan to take a place in the workforce.

A blow for Lance, and a form of disavowal for the 49ers. As a reminder, San Francisco had dropped 3 first draft rounds to get him.

According to NBC Sports Bay Area, the California team is “exploring all options”. For now, a transfer is not on the agenda. But, it is difficult to see how the 49ers could manage a situation with a quarterback often injured, and who did not give satisfaction.

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