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For the Warriors, a ring on your fingers and your head in the clouds

For its first “Ring Night”, the Chase Center had put the dishes in the big ones to celebrate the seventh title in the history of the Warriors and the first in San Francisco since that of 1975.

For the occasion, the six other champion trophies as well as the banners were present on the ground just in front of the Lakers bench, who had deserted their side to join their locker room during the ceremony. Mo’ Speights, the inside shooter, represented the champion team in 2015, Zaza Pachulia that of 2017, and Shaun Livingston that of 2018. The titles of 1947 and 1956, won in Philadelphia, were also highlighted.

The emotion of Klay Thompson

As a symbol it is Klay Thompson, after quick speeches from Adam Silver and Bob Myers, who took the mic before the rings were handed over to address the “Dub Nation”. The “Splash Brother”, who had missed the last three “opening night”, had a trembling voice, visibly moved to be able to be in this situation again. He received a standing ovation before letting each of his teammates receive their championship ring.

One could wonder what reception would receive Draymond Green but the fans did not hesitate for a moment to applaud him warmly. During his public apologies after his altercation with Jordan Poole, he regretted having spoiled the atmosphere of this “ring night” for his team, but also for his family and that of Jordan Poole. The sixth man of the Warriors also kicked into touch when the subject was raised after the meeting, a sign that the Warriors are trying somehow to keep everything in-house but also that the situation remains bizarre.

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Our only goal tonight was to do our job and win the first game of the season, it’s done and that’s all that matters,” he replied with a smirk.

A huge champion ring

Also of note was the standing ovation from the crowd for Kevon Looney and Andrew Wiggins, two key members of last season’s title, and Jordan Poole’s reaction when he saw the championship ring. ” I was really looking forward to seeing her,” he explained. ” It is a symbol of what we have achieved, it is special to see it and to have it in your hand. »

Steve Kerr had fun with the size of the ring. ” They are no longer rings, they are medallions! I don’t know who is really capable of carrying it, it’s so big! »

ESPN also revealed during the game Warriors owner Joe Lacob wanted the ring to look like it did in 2015. The nod to Oracle Arena gave way to Chase Center but the symbolism of the Warriors’ playoff journey is still there with the score of each series, the name of each player and the number of titles they have won with the franchise. Joe Lacob even asked the jeweler to add the famous TD Garden parquet design to “troll” the Boston Celtics.

It’s the same (as 2015), but it’s more modern,” he describes. ” It’s bigger, it’s better, it rocks! »

Tribute to shadow staff

The ceremony then passed from one “Splash Brother” to another, with Stephen Curry taking the microphone to give the final word.

Greeted by MVP chants, he made a point of mentioning Britney Griner, still detained in Russia, then he also offered a ring to Nanea McGuigan, a leader with the Warriors for almost twenty years, before unveiling the eighth champion banner under firework background. The Warriors had already done this in 2018 with Eric Housen, in charge of equipment and logistics.

I really tried to enjoy it to the fullest, even with the game to play,” said Stephen Curry. ” It’s important, it’s symbolic. It’s not just our victory, it’s truly an honor to be able to represent this franchise and the people who work behind the scenes. »

As after Game 6 of the Finals in Boston, it was Andrew Wiggins’ smile that visibly delighted everyone. Stephen Curry also let out a long “yesss” when his teammate received the first ring of his career. The Canadian was still on cloud nine after the game.

I had trouble sleeping last night, it was amazing, really amazing, he said, shaking his head and lighting up the press room with his smile. ” My whole family was there to celebrate this moment with me. It really is a dream come true. »

Interview in San Francisco.

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