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Christmas Day 2023: Lakers/Celtics and Nuggets/Warriors featured!

After revealing the two matches of the “opening night”, The Athletic unveils now the five of christmas day 2023 and, like every year, the program at the foot of the tree is enticing!

Traditionally, Christmas starts in New York in the NBA and this day/evening should therefore start with a nice Knicksbucks. The order then remains unknown, but the HeatSixersTHE SunsMavericksTHE nuggetsWarriors and especially the great classic LakersCeltics promise to sparkle.

Among the teams left out for this Christmas Day, we can think of the Grizzlies, the Clippers, the Cavaliers, the Kings or the Spurs of Victor Wembanyama…

The rest of the 2023/24 calendar should be known next week.

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