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Yoshinobu Yamamoto broke everything in his first start in the Cactus

This offseason, the Dodgers signed…everyone.

But among all their signings, we must note the fact that Shohei Ohtani and Yoshinobu Yamamoto were the most important.

Let's say that fans of the Dodgers (and baseball in general) were eager to see them in action, which is completely normal.

Yesterday, Shohei Ohtani came out to bat for the first time, in his new colors, in an official match. And like we said, he did well.

And this afternoon, it was Yamamoto who took the field to make his debut for the Cactus in his new colors.

And we can say that he did not disappoint.

In two innings of work, Yamamoto faced six batters. Only one got on base, but was caught in a double play.

Yamamoto made 19 shots, so 16 were in the strike zone. He had three strikeouts and did not walk.

But above all, its stuff was up to the task.

His slingshot made a few Texas Rangers guys bite the dust, his curve was on point and his fastball reached 96 MPH. It’s February…

Obviously, we know he has talent. Otherwise, the teams would not have tried everything this winter to put him under a long-term contract.

Obviously, it was just a preseason game and he only pitched two innings.

Obviously, we understand that the pitcher's challenge will be to still be good in September and October, with a Major season under his belt.

But today was something.

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  • Fewer pitchers in a 26-man roster?

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