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Baseball News

MLB in brief: Yuli Gurriel is moving away from Miami | Finalists for GM job in Houston

Yuli Gurriel is moving away from Miami

He had however started talks with the team a few days ago.

The Rays still looking for a good striking force

They are still making calls, months away from the start of the season.

Carlos Correa: Rocco Baldelli always believed in the chances of the Twins

He knew there was always an open door for the star player in Minneapolis.

Finalists for GM job in Houston

Are the Astros close to a decision on the case?

Brad Ausmus is also in the process.

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Jesus Aguilar agrees with the A’s

This is a one year contract.

21 players invited to Phillies training camp, including Mark Appel

See who they are.

Does the Hall of Fame have players omitted?

Vladimir Guerrero believes so.

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