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Baseball News

Series: three teams face elimination today

We are currently in the heart of the divisional playoffs in major league baseball and today, no less than four games will be on the schedule.

That’s what I call a beautiful day.

We must take advantage of this because in the next few hours, no less than three of the eight teams still alive could go home by losing a third game in the division series.

Will the Dodgers, Braves and Mariners manage to stay alive?

Will the Padres, Phillies and Astros secure their berth in the MLB playoffs today?

Who of the Yankees and Guardians will face elimination tomorrow?

Here are several questions that will be answered in part today, but also over the next few days in MLB.

2:07 p.m .: Braves against Phillies. The Phillies lead the series 2-1.

On the Mound: Charlie Morton vs. Noah Syndergaard.

Everyone will have to go all out for the win in Atlanta as two wins will be needed to advance to the Championship Series. I expect manager Brian Snitker to be very aggressive.

To monitor : Will the Braves, who have the experience of the playoffs, manage to break the momentum on the side of Philly?

4:07 p.m.: Astros vs. Mariners. The Astros lead the series 2-0.

On the mound: Lance McCullers Jr. vs. George Kirby.

Yes, the Mariners are in pretty good shape, but Seattle’s first playoff game since 2001 promises to be nothing short of breathtaking…in the stands. Players will have to find a way to deliver the goods on the field against well-rehearsed Astros.

To monitor : Will the experience of the Astros, who have reached the championship series every year since 2017, make the difference?

7:37 p.m.: Yankees vs. Guardians. The series is tied 1-1.

On the mound: Luis Severino vs. Triston McKenzie.

The great difficulty of this series is the fact that the rain on Thursday means that the clubs could play four games in four days if the series goes to the limit. It will get hard and the depth will be strained.

To monitor : Will the big Yankees offense overcome the Guardians’ bullpen, which has been perfect since the start of the playoffs?

9:37 p.m.: Dodgers vs. Padres. The Padres lead the series 2-1.

On the mound: Tyler Anderson vs. Joe Musgrove.

The Dodgers got 111 regular season wins while having the Padres’ number. The club can’t afford to miss it after winning just one game in the playoffs.

To monitor : Can Trent Grisham keep up the pace for the Padres?

Note that if all the teams remain alive, there will also be four games tomorrow, including two #5 games in the National League.

And if ever one or two series of the American should go to the limit, there will be baseball on Monday.

Here, for now, is the portrait of the rest of the division series (starting tomorrow) with times that may change in the coming days.

Remember that the games of the American are broadcast on RDS and that TVA Sports has the rights to those of the National.

In the National, the championship series (NLCS) will begin next Tuesday, regardless of when the division series ends.

In the American, the championship series (ALCS) will begin next Wednesday. The calendar of the rest of the series is available here.

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