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Baseball News

MLB in brief: Mitch White had a sore shoulder | Victor Martinez in Toronto

Mitch White suffered from shoulder pain this winter

It’s delayed his starting pitching preparation, but he’s in contention for the final spot in the rotation.

And if all goes well, at the end of the season, this position will belong to Hyun-Jin Ryu.

The beautiful rotation of the Rays

Is there a better rotation in MLB in 2023?

Victor Martinez in Toronto

He becomes a special assistant with the Blue Jays. He knows Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins well from their time in Cleveland.

Chris Sale wants to give it his all

He wants the Sox to get their money’s worth.

A return to basics

Andrew McCutchen is happy to be back in Pittsburgh.

Let’s talk about Rafael Devers’ defense

Can he be a good long-term third baseman?

11 years ago

Gary Carter has died aged 57.

Shohei Ohtani will have to get used to it

He doesn’t want to talk about his contract…but it’s the hot topic in MLB.

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