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Baseball News

MLB in brief: A bright future for the Nationals | Supporters meet

A promising future for the Nationals

Selling the team could help the revival that Mike Rizzo is seeking.

Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium

He will take part in the ceremony which pays tribute to the conquest of the 1998 World Series.

The Yankees’ chances are dwindling

They currently have a 6% chance of making the playoffs.

Supporters meet

MLB is having a solid season in the stands this year.

How will Brett Baty improve?

The Mets prospect will be able to work on certain facets of his game in the AAA.

Alex Cora seeks stability

He is delighted with the return of Trevor Story to the infield.

What end of the season awaits the Rockies?

They will want to do everything to avoid a season of 100 defeats.

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